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Branding Made Simple; Soccer as a Case-Study – By Ifemidayo Odekunle [@IFM4Real]

“Soccer is simple. To win, you only need to score more goals than your opponent. That’s it.”

To win a soccer match, a team needs to score more than the opposing team. If a team concedes more goals than it scores, the team loses the game. By winning, a team earns points, and the team that has the most points in the league wins the league.

Only if Arsenal can think of this…pttf

Branding is very similar to soccer – to win the league (competition); a team (brand) needs to gather as many points as possible. How is it similar? In what way branding is similar to soccer? We’ll picture a soccer team as a brand. A good team needs; a good managera good game plangreat players, and of course, a good team needs to strive to win the competition.

A Good Manager

Soccer teams, no matter how good their players are, need a person to manage the players; an individual who knows best about their team and the team’s competition. In branding, every brand needs a leader that is capable of making best of their team and making their team win the match they’re in. The leader creates the strategy, schedules the activity of the team, and makes the team work together to win the competition. Arsene Wenger does all these but what is the issue??

A Good Game Plan

Soccer teams face different teams every week, and they need the perfect strategy to win against the various teams in the league. Brands are pretty much the same; they need to suit their strategy accordingly and precisely to the different situations they’re in, also to score their goals, which is to win the competition. The situations a brand could face are inflation, political environment, consumers’ interests, etc.

Great Players

In soccer, it’s not the manager or the staffs that determine the result of a game; it’s the players. Great players are needed to execute a manager’s plans, of course, to win the game. I think Arsenal players don’t execute the manager’s plan. Brands also need great players to win the competition. Players in this term are the members of the team. Leaders create high or even extraordinary plans. To execute the plans, great people are needed. If a person can’t run the idea of the leader, it could turn bad for the brand. 

Strive To Win The Competition

Score more goals than the opposing team, win the game, collect as much point as possible, win the league. Brands also need to score goals. The goal they need to score is to create a product so good that people will buy it. This leads to a ‘win’.

A win for a brand is getting more customers than any other brands. After gaining all the customers, a brand needs to; build awareness, create an emotional connection, differentiate their product, create credibility and trust, and motivate purchasing. Brands need to gather all these points, to win the league. Apple and Google are both able to accumulate these points, which is why they are on top of the competition.

Do all these, and your brand will surely win the ‘league’. For more information and questions, contact us here.



Ifemidayo Odekunle is an IBX Orange Academy graduate. He calls himself the Brand Engineer because he designs and creates brand processes and ideas for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. He writes and shares thoughts on Branding generally. Follow him on Twitter @IFM4real


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