California Couple Sue Apple Over iOS 9’s Data-sapping Habits

A couple from California wants to haul Apple into court over the data demands of its iOS 9 mobile operating system.

The class action lawsuit centres on the software’s WiFi Assist feature, which uses 4G to bolster your WiFi connection when signal bars are hard to come by.

The couple alleges that Apple has been downplaying the potential data charges iPhone users can rack up by turning to WiFi Assist to boost their connection.

It could prove to be a costly lawsuit for the Cupertino firm if they lose, as the plaintiffs are seeking more than $5 million in damages due to the number of affected customers.

“Reasonable and average consumers use their iPhones for streaming of music, videos, and running various applications – all of which can use significant data,” reads the complaint, as seen on AppleInsider.

“Defendant’s corrective statement does not disclose any basis for its conclusion that an average consumer would not see much increase in cellular usage.”

Samsung’s legal department are probably watching developments in this case with keen interest, as Apple’s Korean rival offers similar WiFi-boosting technology.

Source: Digital Spy


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