Dambe is the Nigerian Sport with Aspirations to go Global

When you look at the weight categories in Dambe, you will soon see that there are no weight categories at all and that fighters are only matched based on their age and their size. Dambe is a very brutal sport of combat and it is most commonly associated with the Hausa people. They are one of the biggest ethnic groups in Africa. It may be steeped with tradition and when you look at the origins you will soon see that it dates all the way back to the 10th century.

It’s quickly adapting to the modern world and it is now attracting millions of views online. This isn’t the only thing that has come out of Nigeria though, NetBet Nigeria have also been expanding their offerings to try and boost the entertainment industry overall.

The Fighters

Some of the fighters have said that they are not able to go a day without fighting and that they feel as though it gives them strength. This sport is not for the faint of heart and it is a combat sport where the overall goal is to try and kill your opponent. This is not in the literal sense, as the only thing that you need to do is knock them to the ground. This can be done with a punch or a kick. The fights only last 3 rounds but there is no time limit for the round. The round is only called when an official asks for the fight to be stopped or if any part of the opponent’s body hits the ground. The fighters work hard to try and make sure that their punches are as brutal as possible. They do this by wrapping Kara around their arms and fists. This is a thick rope which makes their arms into a “spear”. The weaker hand is then used as a shield. The sport was once practiced by butchers in West Africa as it was a test of bravery.

Traditional Wrestling

Butchers and fishermen were the ones who started the sport in Zamfara and it started when the two parties there sold their meat to one another. When the fish and meat was exchanged, there was always some kind of festival and a fight would erupt. It became a way of trying to prepare men for the rite of passage for when they get married and in some parts of Nigeria, it is still honoured this way. In this day and age though, Dambe is practiced by more than just fishermen and butchers.

The sport has seen an incredible rise in popularity and fights are even being showcased on YouTube. The teams of the fighters are also travelling across the country so that they can take part in the sport. Generally speaking, Asia is a very martial-arts oriented country and this makes it much easier for them to try and promote the sport. Of course, only time will tell what the future holds but right now, it would certainly seem that Dambe is here to stay.


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