Emancipate Yourself from Mental Slavery, Reno Tells Africans with French Flags on Profile

By Beauty Ehimhen 

The former media aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has condemned the Paris attacks while urging Africans and Asians to set themselves free from mental slavery.

Reno who stated that it is a display of low self esteem for Africans and Asians to put French flags on their profile as a result of the Paris attacks when they do not put their own nation’s flag on their profile when terrorists attack their own nations.

“Terrorism is evil and condemnable. But we should not only cry when it happens in rich nations. We should treat it the same wherever it occurs. I sympathize with France, but why are Africans and Asians putting French flags on their profile when they do not put their own nation’s flag on their profile when terrorists attack their own nations? Are French lives more precious than their own brothers and sisters who are killed daily by home grown terrorists like the satanic Boko Haram and Al Shabab,” he queried.

The New Media savvy preacher, added that Africans and Asians should stop worshiping the Europeans.

“Africans and Asians should remember the words of Bob Marley and “emancipate yourself from mental slavery”. Terrorism is bad everywhere and not just in Paris. In every area of our lives we exhibit this low self esteem. We celebrate and worship European soccer and denigrate our own leagues. Now we sympathize with European victims of terror and are indifferent to our own victims. In Nigeria there are 1.5 million citizens displaced by terror. Cry for them first my brothers and sisters,” he said on his Facebook post.

The flag of France has adorned Facebook profile of many across the world in solidarity with France over the Paris attacks.


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