Lucky 15 Recommended Bets and Predictions

Unlike singles, doubles and trebles, when you’re picking horse tips for a Lucky 15 bet, the prices you include need to be strong enough to make the bet worthwhile. The bookie odds on horses in a typical accumulator won’t be too important due to the fact that there’s enough selections to make up for any weak prices, but with a Lucky 15 bet, they need to be long enough odds, as there’s only four horses involved.

Picking out individual horse tips that fit into your own Lucky 15 can be difficult, but there are methods that heighten your chances of landing a winning bet, or at least winning enough parts of your Lucky 15 to receive some returns. It helps to have somewhere that offers their own thoughts on the day’s racing action, like the service provided by The Winners Enclosure, who even have their own exclusive Lucky 15 Tips page.

Odds for Lucky 15 selections

We’d always advise doing your own research before backing any bets. It doesn’t guarantee that your bet will win, and nothing does, but it definitely increases your chances, as you’ve at least got your horse racing tip backed up by statistics. After looking into the facts, you should be able to track down four nags that you can use for your bet.

Horses that are more likely to win will have a bookmaker price that’s under evens but Lucky 15s tend to need selections with stronger odds or your bet won’t have the potential returns you first anticipated. Going for bigger odds will always decrease the chance of it landing but as long as your selections are evens or over, you should be on the right track.

Horse racing tips

Your entire bet doesn’t need to win in order for you to land some returns, giving you more freedom over what selections to add in. Some more experienced punters will even include more outlandish horse tips, like 6/1 outsiders, due to it not been overly important that every horse wins their race. If it were to win, they’d get some strong returns but if not, they’ll still get some worthwhile returns from other selections they’ve included.

A strong balance between the sorts of tips you’re including makes the most sense, as by putting in too many under evens horses you won’t be allowing solid returns if your bet lands, but by adding in too many big odds horses your bet will become almost impossible to land.



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