OP-UNEDITED | Abdulmumin Jibrin: The Tale of a Corrupt ‘Whistle-Blower’ – By Abubakar Mai Gulma

By Abubakar Mai Gulma

Abdulmumin Jibrin is the shadiest character to ever darken the halls of Nigeria’s House of Representatives. A man whose cataclysmic rise to power was noted to have occurred by hanging onto the coattails of despots like Obasanjo and now shadowing the officials representing President Muhammadu Buhari, Jibrin is as much a parasitic politician as he is corrupt. So parasitic, that he actually bribed 52 members of the House of Representatives to sign an impeachment letter against Speaker Dogara and he did this evil act in his own mother’s house in Gwarimpa, making the poor woman complicit in his wickedness!

From the beginning of 2016, Jibrin’s campaign against the Speaker of the House, Dogara was no secret. In fact, the involvement of other members of the house had been part of his scam all along, as he viciously fought the Speaker like an attack dog sent from the presidency. The list of people he has bribed with this virulent agenda in mind is endless, and sitting right at the top of that list is world renowned journalist, political commentator and self declared social media expert, JJ Omojuwa. Japheth Omojuwa has taken brown envelop ‘journalism’ to a whole new low, having been paid N6million to tweet all sorts of scandalous allegations against Speaker Dogara, in order to pressure the entire house to do the bidding of a presidency hell bent on ridding the entire country of democracy, or autonomy in the National Assembly.

In fact, Omojuwa is just a pet poodle to an attack dog hiding behind the presidency; Jibrin uses Omojuwa primarily to slander those opposed to his politics of fraudulent dealings. Omojuwa is as devoid of sense as Jibrin is devoid of a conscience.

Make no mistake, the very same Jibrin, the self styled “whistleblower” credited with investigating and revealing a non-remittance of the sum of N450 billion by the NNPC to the federation account is himself not only a slanderous blackmailer, but also shamelessly corrupt. As part of his hound-dog obligations to the presidency for getting him his position, Jibrin was set on the speaker of the house, and fought him and the entire house by claiming to be a whistleblower. The result was that the National Assembly, which had always been fiercely independent of presidential control, was mollified through threats and intimidation, meanwhile Jibrin painted himself a saintly man. The 2016 budget sailed through without much of the concessions on constituency projects that the representatives wanted in place. But that same budget is the reason for Jibrin being ousted from parliament.

His machinations have seen him lose his position as head of the House Committee on Appropriations budget of which he was in charge of until the 2016 budget padding scandal. Thinking that everyone now lived in fear of ‘Saint’ Jibrin, as Appropriations Chair, he had cooked up a scam in which he forced through members of his Appropriations committee to pad the budget and fleece the nation. Upon discovery, he shamelessly admitted to his own corruption and in turn attempted to blame members for it. Let us remember that the Federal Government and the Presidency had initially claimed that due to low revenues from crude oil production, funding of constituency projects was no longer guaranteed and it is this budget, without those concessions, that was passed and was supposed to be implemented. Only for the same Presidency through its puppet called Jibrin to pad the budget in order to line the pockets of officials linked to the regime!

What is truly appalling about this situation is that despite the admission of guilt, corruption, bribery and slander the EFCC did not even investigate or charge Jibrin for his crimes, a clear indication that his padding of the budget and his conduct in parliament had the express approval of the President.

A sycophant, a militant chauvinist, and also an intellectually limited fascist, when Jibrin was caught, he went onto twitter to express his appreciation for the soft landing i.e not being charged with fraud, to Speaker Yakubu Dogara and then he made a gesture of good will to Mustapha Dawaki, who was his successor. But pretending to have stepped down and being fired are two different things, and soon enough the entire world was told the truth, Jibrin had been sacked. He completely lost his mind at the idea of people knowing the truth about him and went on a twitter storm, blasting Dogara claiming he tried to smear his name, and stating that Jibrin’s refusal to accommodate the requests of the House leadership regarding constituency projects led to his exit.

Of course Speaker Dogara threatened to sue Jibrin for libel and he gave him a 7 day notice to retract his tweets on July 27th 2016. On that same day, Jibrin announced that his lawyers have approached the EFCC and ICPC to authenticate his allegations against the speaker. The boldness of such blackmail is only enhanced by the fact that the EFCC would not investigate Jibrin himself!

In his scheming, Jibrin made several more accusations against the Speaker, many of which were also repeated by that pet poodle, JJ Omojuwa through an N6million tweet storm paid for by Jibrin. Seeing his machinations hitting a brick wall, Jibrin then resorted to bribery.

On August 3rd, Jibrin declared that a vote of confidence register had been opened. This is after meeting behind closed doors with APC leaders. Jibrin paid 52 members of the House N1 million each to sign an impeachment letter against Speaker Dogara, only for the members to outwit him, take his money and then abandon him. Jibrin’s pseudo-intellectualism has proved as useful as his so called sainthood. It is dishonourable that Jibrin would drag his mother into such schemes by bribing MPs at her house.

Jibrin has always been a devious man. To craft his false persona and propel himself into the limelight as a prominent “anti-corruption” czar, he paid Gbenga Areluba of African Independent Television N15 million for a 45 minute interview that same day which took place at Jibrin’s Maitama residence, a lavish mansion which he had bought for N650 million in 2013. During this interview, Jibrin announced that he had been gagged by the APC and displayed a letter from the party leadership that stated the same and also that the “party was looking into the issues in the House, towards finding a possible solution.”

The very next day, Jibrin ignored the gag order and took to Twitter to accuse two governors and three former house members of trying to provide a soft landing for Dogara while smearing his name in the press.

Using Twitter and bloggers like Omojuwa is something Jibrin likes doing a lot but it certainly does not cleanse him nor validate his false persona of a “whistle blower”. In fact, Jibrin is a creature without conscience. In his time in office, Abdulmummin Jibrin used his office to enrich himself through contracts, while all the time pretending to be some kind of corruption whistleblower.

His hypocrisy has finally been exposed by Segun Sega Awosanya, @segalink, a billionaire, International Strategist, technology developer and political analyst. In a series of tweets under the #Fraud, Sega exposes the many contracts that Jibrin awarded himself, using proxy businesses, of which none of the contracts have ever been executed yet a whooping N400 million was paid out including for necessary items such as contracts to give food to those classified as the most vulnerable in the society. A quick background check of the company directors of the firm SMEDAN shows that Jibrin is the director. In addition to this, in the 5 years of representing his constituency, Jibrin has absolutely nothing to show in terms of projects or utilities that would serve his constituents done by him. Instead, in the most shocking expose’, Sega has discovered one of Jibrin’s many foreign accounts has a balance of 1.3 million Euros!

For his efforts in exposing the lying fraud that Jibrin is, Mr. Sega Awosanya was in turn subjected to the vilest slander, just like House Speaker Dogara. It is now clear that part of Jibrin’s tactics in hiding his fraudulence is to use slander and libel against upstanding members of the society while at the same time claiming he is exposing corruption. Jibrin claims that Sega sought a N25 million bribe. An outrageous claim, considering that Sega himself is extremely wealthy, in fact wealthier than Jibrin and having acquired his wealth legally and in a traceable and straight forward manner. Not only is such a figure peanuts to a man of Mr. Awosanya’s means, it is hardly a counter argument to hard evidence that includes bank statements and official documentation proving the frauds that Jibrin has been undertaking. The N25 million claim is pure hogwash, smoke and mirrors from a desperate and vicious man who is also a national thief.

As usual, Jibrin’s pet poodle JJ Omojuwa led the false attacks, and posted on some slanderous blog the bribery claim. But because there must be an end to this corrupt puppets political tenure and outrageous claims, it is time that Nigerians stood up and demanded that the EFCC investigates charges and imprisons Abdulmummin Jibrin, who’s now a shameless spectacle daring upstanding citizens brazenly when he is confronted with facts of his fraud. We can no longer have a sham walking around our country claiming to be a whistleblower when what he is really doing is diverting attention from his own scams and robbing the citizenry!




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