OP-UNEDITED | #OccupyTrump as a Simile to #OccupyOjota – By Favour Afolabi

By Favour Afolabi

Hillary’s Supporters and these “Disguised Women March Story” reminds you of those that gathered for #OccupyNigeria in January 2012 at #Ojota- they just needed an excuse to bring down a democratically-elected President and Government! Rather than for them to wait the turn for the next round of campaigns and elections, they are carrying #NotMyPresident placards all over the place to tempt the police to retaliate; maim some people; possibly kill someone and then use that excuse to blame President Trump for such calamities – the next thing, they’ll be calling for him to be impeached for offenses he didn’t commit and the next thing, you have “another Clueless GEJ story” in the making.

This is what you get from dishonest people who claim “to love Democracy so much” – when the results do not go their way, it becomes a sham process but when they are winning, ‘Democracy is the best thing to have ever happened to mankind’ – the only sin Trump has committed to earn him these marches, is that “He beat a Populist Candidate – Hillary in a democratic process” – it is not his fault – he didn’t rig an election – the people of Rural America who are 100% Americans as those on the streets became ‘the Silent Majority’ that thrusted him into Office and they are the people that traveled [as ordinary citizens, not movie stars or musicians] to attend Trump’s inauguration.

It cost them a lot to come out for the inauguration – and so they might not have measured up to the 1.8m that came out for Obama’s first inauguration yet Obama could have never received those number of votes or attendances if majority of Americans [including those that now voted for Trump] didn’t vote for him – and they cannot stay another night in Washington because they cannot afford 1,000-a-night hotels like the Madonna’s of this world – they have since returned to their counties – to their every day life and would not be found anywhere carrying placards disturbing the peace of no cities.

When you have people lose out in elections and then decide to not attend the inauguration of the next President, then you know you have a people that always pisses on the tenets of Democracy and are nothing but ‘an elitist set of intellectual gangsters’ – when you mix these people with other elites in the entertainment industry who naturally believe that the people they endorse ‘as the big boys of America’ must win every election, then you have a return to ‘a new day militocracy’ – elections in a Democracy would always remain a game of numbers and the respect for the rule of the process – Trump won via the electoral college votes, the same process that has produced the 44 Presidents before him, so, how some people that were equally elected on the same democratic process are labeling him ‘an illegitimate President’ is simply beyond reason to me.

I suspect these marches and organisations and rallies and protests would go on for a much longer time to come – these folks would keep seeking ridiculous excuses to bring this guy down – and they will not stop – that is what happens to bitter people, they become so consumed with hatred until it eats them up – and they will not be able to explain to you why they are fully enveloped by such level of hate and bitterness – and they will do these shamelessly with no care for their hard-earned reputations even to the point of losing it all.

I guess the earlier loss to Trump initially looked like a dream to some of these people but became a reality when they saw he was being sworn in, remember how they had tried all manner of stories to initially de-legitimize his victory, well these would now be the next round of those attacks – what they couldn’t do through the backdoor, they will now attempt to do on the streets, and they can do so because they can afford to do so – and they will find ready support on the platforms of “Barack Obama” who, of course, refused to mention a word about ‘the need for Peace to exist in America for Democracy to thrive’ in all of his speeches leading to him leaving office, even as ‘he is going to be very active as a Citizen in the United States’ in the coming months – he will be expected to come and speak at some of these future rallies – along with his Twin-Wife – the next opposition base would be built very much along these lines.

What Obama couldn’t succeed at doing when he was President in leading the Democratic Party – leading to him losing more than 1,000 seats at all levels of governance as the head of the party, he will now seek to achieve as a former President, his legacy remains not fully written and decided, the world must prepare for the next round of his oratorical prowess ‘in leading Americans in the next direction that they must follow’ – doesn’t that just  remind you of Olusegun Obasanjo? Obama of course, is the quintessential attention grabber, he would have even preferred for CNN to relay LIVE his speech after leaving Office rather than for the media houses to carry President Trump signing the first executive bills into Law – to the point that these channels were stuck for minutes, taking editorial decision on whether ‘to continue with Obama or switch to Trump?’ Absolutely despicable and low!

Obama will be back – he is not like those before him that would silently retire into their private lives – ‘the ultimate man of the people’ will soon be on the streets of Washington carrying placards versus his successor – that would be such a sight to be behold, indeed.

The next 2 to 3 years promises to be so exciting in the realms of American Politics – and I can almost tell you, even right now, what will happen on every single day of the year between now and November 2020 – every day Americans would do well to study what has happened in Nigeria in the last 5 years – those that came out to ‘Ojota’ are the ones that has produced ‘the new Nigeria’ in which even they are so shocked of its realities that they almost wish ‘they had stayed with the Man that had no Shoes’ – that is what ‘Cheap Elitist Populism’ brings you – it leads you astray to the point that those that brought you there now recoil into their shells to sometimes come back disguising like they are also victims of the same circumstances they helped birth.

Today,  no one wants to take responsibility for ‘Ojota-ism’ – they all want you to forget like it never happened – they don’t want Facebook   Moments App to show their pictures on those rallies – and of course, as they would always do, without admitting their past follies, many of them are already ‘claiming yet again that they know that the solution to Nigeria’s problems lies in a Star on the Adamawa Hills.’ They always know what is best for everyone else even though they lack the ability for internal critically thinking to really decipher what really needs to be done.

The nation of America will probably choose to follow these populist elitists at their own peril as the nation of Nigeria did but then again, I do not need to tell you how the story ends.

Favour Afolabi is a political commentator who runs in his spare time; and owns a real estate brokerage services company. He tweets via @favourafolabi.


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