OP-UNEDITED | Osun Political Gladiators as 2018 Approaches – By Ikokwu Chidozie Ikemba

By Ikokwu Chidozie Ikemba

We have seen the express moves and motives of those craving for power at Abeere, Osogbo. The Osun State seat of power has continually produced strokes of controversy from the Nigerian view point.

With the recent demise of the foremost pioneer Governor of Osun State, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, one must be quick to pick the tension that 2018 election will produce.

An appraisal of the incumbent has received several backlash, with many voicing opinions on how the Aregbesola administration has delved into so many projects with no tangible success. Many from the opposing parties have aired their views about the shortcomings of the ruling party in the state and the race to power in 2018 is already up.

Who are the political gladiators and the permutations ravaging the various caucuses?

There were wide speculations that the late Senator Adeleke was a top contender in the Abeere office. His exit will surely create a political vacuum for the Ede people but further heighten the political gymnastics in Osun state.

Every LG wants a representative at the executive with the motive of direct or favourable development of their LG Area. This begs to point out the mindset of the electorate at the polls.

Osun needs a versatile, courageous, people oriented, pragmatic, experienced, capacity proven, flexible, industrious, collectivism type of leadership.

The taste of honey is well known to both the old and young.

From the array of those angling for the seat of power;

Hon Lasun Yusuf 

Femi Fani-Kayode

Prof Wale Ladipo

Kayode Oduoye (Super Kay) 

Adeola Adewopo


Lere Oyewumi

Mojeed Alabi

Gboyega Oyetola

Nojeem Salaam

Erelu Obada

Hon. Adejare Bello

Sen. Iyiola Omisore

Sen. Jide Omoworare

We must begin to critically analyse and review these individuals without bias or sentiments, knowing fully well we want development for Osun and not a LGA.

The interest must be for all and not a few.  The question of “who shall we send to rescue” Osun from the norm begs for developmental answers and not the Messiah view we are presently witnessing.

Every sector in the state must witness a visible and articulated project that is of human development not a cronies-related agenda.

Who is a leader in this context?

One who is ready to listen and serve the people not his interest or political empire. One who has an outside of the box kind of agenda. One who is ready to set aside political differences and focus on improving the socio-economics status of the state. One who will hit the ground running once elected. One who will provide an efficient and dedicated team. One who will not grow affiliations but relationship with the people.

From the above intuitive agenda, the job goes to the candidate who has done his/her homework properly.

We must not allow our judgement to beclouded by sentiments or immediate gains. The time for our state Governors to be resourceful is now. ‎

We can not afford to be solely dependent on allocations from the central while we leave resources at state level untapped.

Imagine if the present administration has invested wisely into agriculture with standard road network, complimentary educational program, privatization of other key sectors of the state (with an administrative line of supervision from the executive) and a localized entrepreneurship hub with the aim to export and not the charade we currently have in place.

Notable politicians are positioning themselves to clinch their parties’ nominations, by seeking the backing of the juggernauts, influencers and kingmakers within the folds of their respective political parties.‎

Among the aspirants that have overtly or covertly signified their interests in governing the state in 2018 are Lere Oyewumi, Adejare Bello, Wale Ladipo, Iyiola Omisore, Adeola Adewopo and Kayode Oduoye, all on the platform of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

From the ruling APC are; Jide Omoworare, Yusuf Lasun, Mojeed Alabi, Gboyega Oyetola and Nojeem Salaam are some of the contending factors for the position of the number one citizen of the state.

From a well spoken and knowledgeable FFK; to a well read and party man, Prof Ladipo; to new entrants like Super Kay, Ayombo, Oyetola, Oyewumi; to those who we may consider as experienced, Hon. Alabi, Hon. Adejare Bello, Sen. Iyiola Omisore, Sen. Jide Omoworare, Hon Lasun.

Who does the cap fit to deliver the expected grassroots level of governance expected in Osun?

The people are ready to ask questions, monitor any of these projects in their zones, report and hold their leaders accountable.

It will be advisable for CSOs and citizens to find out who contracts are awarded to, follow the disbursements of funds and the execution of projects.

2018 is tomorrow and the race is for the people to choose who is best to serve them rightly. Opinions may differ but the people remain paramount.




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