US-Based African Fashion Online Store, Orhue.com Set to Launch

Orhue is an African Fashion Online store that provides the opportunity for designers, fashion lovers, stylists, artists, fashion project owners and personal shoppers to exhibit, showcase and sell their goods and services on our Ecommerce Multi-vendor Marketplace.

It’s a marketplace where Africans will proudly showcase what they have to offer artistically in every aspect of fashion.

Orhue’s aim is to have African culture and fashion recognized and patronized by the world through our marketplace, diversity, cultural teachings, social activities and a list of other secondary services.

Orhue was inspired by Bradley Umaigba when he relocated to New York in 2016. Being a stylist, fashion lover and an expert at collecting fine labels, he couldn’t connect or locate a platform that exhibits Africa in the fashion culture. He noticed Africa isn’t being represented well enough to other continents as a lot of people in the Western world still think it’s a country and not a continent; a forest with lots of animals and little or no civilization. After months of research, feasibility studies and personal experience, Orhue was born.

The merchants interface is like Amazon.com and its functionalities are a self-serviced management user friendly experience, while the Customer interface is like ASOS.com which gives users a fun and user-friendly shopping revolutionary experience so basically, we are solving the gap that does exist in the African fashion industry for far too long.

Not only is Orhue a start-up in a field that desperately needs such marketplace, but we value and take pride in our Corporate social responsibilities, which we intend on leading into a foundation. The foundation will be funded by 10% of our gross profits to be donated to Down Syndrome foundations, research and development in Africa. Also, Orhue is looking to get involved with the local issues in New York City as the company’s headquarters is located here, which is now Bradley Umaigba’s New home.

Bradley has sought counsel from a robust group of individuals as the board of directors to help guide the company into achieving its goals. All members of the board provide expertise to assist with the growth of Orhue, as well as a carefully tailored team to bring this vision to realization.

Join us on this amazing journey to changing the highly polarized African narratives by Western media, as we use our fashion, culture, craftsmanship and heritage in reintroducing Africa to the World! We also hope that together, we can create a better future, voices that will be heard and live the American dream without leaving behind our African heritage.

www.orhue.com is set to launch on Friday, April 20th, 2018.



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