Making Jokes Out of Coronavirus Can Lead to God’s Wrath, Sultan Warns Nigerians

The Sultan of Sokoto and the President General of Jaamatul Nasir Islam (JNI), Alhaji Saad Abubakar III has cautioned Nigerians to desist from making mockery of Coronavirus disease outbreak.

He said, such could lead to wrath of God on mankind.

Addressing a press conference in Kaduna, through the Secretary General of JNI, Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu, the Sultan described attitude of joking and making mockery of the virus as irresponsible and uncalled for.

He said, (JNI) under the leadership of Sultan of Sokoto is disturbed over the increase of spread of the deadly Coronavirus (COVID19) and also perturbed on the threat it poses to life of the citizenry in Nigeria.

According to him, “The Coronavirus is becoming more worrisome and alarming; hence, His Eminence the Sultan of Sokoto and President-General of JNI is on a high level consultation with senior Muslim Scholars on the next step to be taken.

“However, it is not right for people to be spreading fake news all over the place on the worrisome life threatening scourge, baselessly.

“It is also inhuman and immoral, creating unnecessary panic which in the end causes more harm than the real virus. Nigerians are already put into serious stress more than they can bear in stocking food, coping with social isolation, closure of schools and banning of meetings.

“Nonetheless, government should direct all relevant agencies in redoubling their efforts and providing the necessary medical equipment and facilities needed to tackle this menace in order to save the citizenry from this dangerous virus.

“This trying time calls for introspection and sober reflection for humanity to appreciate the greatness of Allah (SWT), His Might and Power, in testing humanity with the weakest creature of the simple air we breathe and can’t catch or reverse it

“We are therefore urged to take necessary recourse and refuge in Him the most high for relief and healing.

“The onus, lies squarely on the government that is saddled with the constitutional responsibility to protect the health, lives and property of the citizenry.

“Government should also take decisive, wise and proactive measures in nipping in the bud this dangerous pandemic, after taking the final experts’ advice and calls for uniform action nationwide, thus, in order not to have a divided attention and arbitrary decisions by contradicting each other.

“All religious institutions and organizations should abide by the decisions taken by the government in curtailing this pandemic.

“Total border closure should be enhanced for fear of influx of citizens from neighboring countries getting entrance into our countries because of the nature of our porous borders. Government must see to the provision of special health centers nationwide for testing and quarantining.

“Strong palliative measures should be taken, in order to cushion the painful economic effect of this pandemic which has already caused inflation in the country especially, on the livelihood of the citizenry; because of the irregular changes of demand and supply.

“The relevance of food security cannot be over emphasized, as it forms part of the palliatives in cushioning the pang of this menace. As such government should provide outlets for essential commodities for the citizenry at subsidized rates.

“There should be routine briefing and updates to the nation on the situation of the pandemic, in order to forestall fake news and rumour mongering.

“Nigerians are warned to desist from making mockery of this pandemic as it tantamount to irresponsibility and lackadaisical attitude which compound the wrath of Allah on mankind.

“What is needed on the citizenry is introspection and reflection in humility to Allah the Exalted.

“There should be no politicization, regionalization, tribalization, sectionalization whatsoever over this pandemic, because it is a national tragedy and should be considered as such.

“Adequate funding by the government on the affore-stated actions should be given priority for positive result.

“Additionally, the citizenry, in their various institutions and affiliations should accept the government decision in good faith. Hence, government should monitor all rules and regulations put in place in order for proper adherence.

“Furthermore, all health and medical advice should be adhered to by everyone in order to complement our Du’a (prayers).” said Sultan.




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