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The News Explores The Problems Africa Is Facing Today As A Continent

There is simply no denying that Africa is one of the most diverse continents in the world. The land alone covers six percent of the earth’s total surface area and twenty percent of its land area. Back in 2016, the census showed that the continent was proudly home to 1.2 billion people of all races and makes. That being said, there is no denying that what was once a prominent continent is now headed for turmoil. It is true that this is oftentimes a common problem that spans across undeveloped countries and other continents, but when you look behind the surface, you will see that most of these problems could be resolved by the ruling leaders. Below, the local news reveals some of the most prolific problems that Africa is facing today.

Poor Government Structure

There probably isn’t a soul in America that will tell you that democracy is perfect, but it sure has its upsides. The news reveals that this is one major area where Africa is lacking. In fact, over the past few years, African countries have undergone two different forms of governance liberation. Despite this fact, it seems like most of the continent is still stuck in the middle of a third chance. The first problem faced by the countries was the struggle for independence from the colonial rule. Now, most of the countries are currently facing the dilemma of achieving proper democratic governance.

In several of the African countries, it has been reported that the longtime leaders have found ways to manipulate the electoral process. They have not only increased term limits, but some of these leaders have gone as far as to methodically undermine the opposing parties and leaders as well as civil societies.

Widespread Corruption

If these countries can’t get the government structure in order and are letting leaders play by their own rules, you can probably imagine that corruption isn’t too far behind. In fact, corruption is s prevalent in most African countries that it has become a natural way of life. Medical care, school, jobs, and other facets of life in African are deemed to the most corrupt. Many leaders will use their influences to award contracts and use resources in any means seen fit.

Unfortunately, this effect hasn’t been good on the government or the economy. Access to basic services like education and medical care have been denied for many of the poorer classes, while investment opportunities are also limited to only the elite.

More And More Unemployment

You can look at the world as a whole and you will see that the unemployment rate is up just about everywhere. This is especially true when it comes to today’s youth. The younger generation is just finding it harder and harder to find jobs, regardless of education levels. With a little more research, you will discover that the problem is even more precarious in Africa. And, a lot of this has to do with the fact that the government just isn’t investing in their youth.

When the labor force increases it creates a huge disconnect between the older generation and the expanding youth population. This is probably why more and more youths are turning to the Internet to make money. With sites like pokies, you can find reliable and trustworthy casinos where you can gamble for real cash. With the right strategies and know-how, anyone shouldn’t have a problem cleaning up.


You learned earlier that Africa was home to almost 1.2 billion individuals in 2016. This was nearly four years ago and you can only imagine that the population has increased since then. This is just another one of the many problems that Africans are currently facing. Along with this, Africa as a continent has some of the highest averages for fertility rates. For instance, stats show that the average fertility rate for most women is 2.5 children. This means that most women will have at least one to 3 kids in her lifetime.

Unfortunately, this is not the case at all when it comes to African women. Stats show that the average fertility rate for the country is currently set at 4.7 children. This means that one average African woman will have anywhere from 1 to 5 children in her lifetime.


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