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Rivers Explosion: Group Condemns Incident, Calls For Arrest Of Pro-Wike Protesters

The Rivers Christian Youth Vanguard (RCYV) has strongly condemned the explosion that occurred during a protest by the pro-Wike group in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, resulting in the tragic death of a protester.

The group also denounced the actions of the protesters and the victim, who died while attempting to detonate the dynamite, as “barbaric, insane, and a heinous crime against humanity and themselves.”

In a statement signed by Rev. Sunday Thomas, President of RCYV, the group urged the Federal Government to take immediate action and arrest the protesters, charging them with acts of terrorism.

The statement emphasised that the protesters’ actions have caused widespread disturbance and chaos in Port Harcourt City, leaving residents in a state of fear and panic.

“The Rivers Christian Youth Vanguard (RCYV) is appalled by the dynamite explosion that resulted in the death of a middle-aged protester during a march by the pro-Wike group in Port Harcourt on Tuesday,” the statement said.

“The actions of the victim and his fellow protesters are not only barbaric and insane but also a crime against humanity and themselves. It is distressing that the youth, mobilised by top political leaders from Obio/Akpor to express their support for the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, have caused such mayhem and destruction in our once peaceful city.”

The group has called on the Federal Government to take swift and decisive action to address the situation, ensuring that justice is served and the perpetrators are brought to book.

“We urge the police and other relevant agencies to bolster security in the state and be on high alert for the marauding terrorists,” the statement continued.

“We cannot allow such acts of terrorism to go unchecked, and we demand that the government takes concrete steps to ensure the safety and security of all Rivers citizens.”

RCYV has also advised Rivers youths to refrain from being used as pawns by disgruntled politicians, urging parents to take responsibility for shielding their children from such influences.

The group encouraged Rivers people to remain calm and allow the government and security agencies to carry out their duties without taking the law into their own hands.

“We call on all citizens to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities. We are committed to promoting peace, unity, and development in Rivers State and will continue to work towards ensuring that such acts of terrorism do not occur in the future.

“The actions of the pro-Wike protesters are unacceptable and have no place in a democratic society. We urge the government to take concrete steps to address the root causes of such violence and ensure that justice is served. Only through collective efforts can we build a peaceful and prosperous Rivers State for all.”

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