Apple Unveils New Versions Of iPhone 6, Apple TV

Apple Watch Hermès Launches October 5th

In early September, Apple announced, among other new products, their astonishingly cool and stylish collaboration with the French luxury brand Hermès. The two companies, equal in cultural significance, have teamed up to create the ultimate Apple Watch—a must have for any techie or watch enthusiast.

The elegant timepiece features a unique Apple-designed Hermès watch face and hand-crafted leather straps made by Hermès artisans in France. The bands are available in three styles—single tour, double tour, and cuff—in five colors.

It’s hard to imagine a more exciting mix of technology and craftsmanship, or a watch that will mold itself to your wrist, and your lifestyle, as seamlessly as this one will. The Apple Watch Hermès is available at select Apple and Hermès stores starting October 5th. So, you might want to put your Friday paycheck aside and set your alarm for Sunday at midnight.


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