‘Better to Give to the Poor Than to Your Pastor’ – Pastor Ogidigbo [WATCH VIDEO]

Pastor Sunday Ogidigbo, preached about giving on Sunday in a serial message titled Wisdom for 2016. The Lead Pastor of HolyHill Church based in Abuja delivered a profound teaching on the subject of giving.

Touching the subject of giving, the Pastor made a noteworthy remark, which may be difficult for many to chew. He said that ‘it is better to give to the Poor than to give to your Pastor’. He also condemned those who give to others before taking care of family, describing it as an act of folly. Find below excepts from the sermon:

  1. “The best time to give is when you don’t have” “Giving MUST begin at home.
  2. It is easier to give to strangers. Some people spend all their salaries to impress others outside.
  3. If you’re rich and they can’t see the signs on your family, you’re a fool. How can you have relatives, you have money and you don’t give? Break the bank while your relatives are alive. Charity begins at home.
  4. Giving to people who cannot give you back, is a very fertile ground.
  5. The attitude with which you give is as important as the gift you give. Give cheerfully. 
  6. If you go to church and they say empty your pocket, don’t do it. Nobody should manipulate you into giving. Give with a conviction. In giving, be systematic. Don’t be irrational.
  7. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Heb.13:2. Don’t let bad testimonials of encounters with strangers scare you from being kind to strangers. 
  8. It is better to give to the poor than to your pastor.
  9. In giving to even your family, give what you can give while you build your capacity. 2 people inside a pit can’t help themselves.
  10. Be grateful that you can give. Your seed will speak for you in the day of trouble.

Pastor Sunday Ogidigbo is the Senior Pastor of HolyHill Church out of Wuse II in Abuja. He tweets at @SOgidigbo.

Watch the full video of the sermon here:

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