Deji Adeyanju Will Tweet Against His Parents if the Price is Right – PDPNYF

Press Statement 

The Research and Strategy team of the Peoples’ Democratic Party National Youth Frontier (the largest youth group affiliated to the National Headquarters of the Peoples’ Democratic Party) is in receipt of ‘Deji Adeyanju’s dirge of a press statement issued to selected media houses following our patriotic call for the protection of the soul of our great party the PDP and the ideals of our founding fathers.

We have perused the note in question and are constrained to publicly admit that the brain drain syndrome has attained a new high amongst Nigerian youth in this dispensation. Unfortunately, ‘Deji Adeyanju who trades under the portfolio of a “director” in the party is the first carrier and perhaps the guinea pig on which scientific tests should be carried out to determine the intensity of this new development. Like his alien portfolio, not recognized by the PDP constitution, the bearer is in himself alien to the principle of “perception” which guides the art of leadership.

We recognize our right of first refusal to engage certified urchins in unnecessary display of intellectual prowess, which was never in their mental configuration. We are however constrained to waive that right as a show of regard to Edmund Burke who opined, that “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.

The Nigeria of today has made it permissible that where salient issues of key importance are raised against persons who should ordinarily chew the humble pie and take a walk off the public domain; tail between legs as a show of remorse for open dishonesty, they elect to hold on at all cost in the course of which they resort to the stone age method of attacking the credibility of both their accusers and accusations. Thus is the state of mind of ‘Deji Adeyanju. So clever yet an embodiment of undiluted stupidity rare in the black race.

We shall refrain from joining issues with ‘Deji Adeyanju on the strength of his lamentation to the effect that the PDPNYF is not known to the National Headquarters of the party. This is so because the Internet is currently abuzz with pictorial evidence putting to lie his claim. So far, we have not only produced original copies of our certificate of recognition issued by the party, we have produced pictures of rallies we planned, funded and held across Nigeria at different times. We have also shown the world extracts from executive sessions held with current National Youth Leader of the PDP, Hon. Abdullahi Maibasira and former SSA to our leader, His Excellency, Goodluck Jonathan on Youth and Students’ Affairs, Comrade Jude Imagwe. Nigerians now know better!

On the issue of his position as to our being moles in the PDP, with strong ties and loyalty to the leading party, we advise ‘Deji Adeyanju to pass the remarks on to other prominent members of our great party including Chief (Dr.) Olufemi Olukayode, His Excellency, Peter Ayo Fayose, His Excellency, Dr. Boni Haruna, His Excellency, Dr. Peter Gregory Obi, His Excellency, Attahiru Bafarawa, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, Madame Sarah Jubril, His Excellency Sen. Musiliu Obanikoro, amongst other individuals of high moral standing whose exemplary lifestyle have guided the conduct of the PDPNYF till date. Every individual aforementioned were at some point or the other frontline politicians on the platform of other political parties but are not known to have contributed in any way to any rancor within the PDP. If switching allegiance on the basis of principle is wrong, ‘Deji Adeyanju is at liberty to initiate a legal procedure against us as remedy.

‘Deji Adeyanju’s uncontrollable kleptomaniac attributes may have caused him to assume that the PDPNYF has a penchant for demanding financial remuneration before undertaking any party assignment. We hereby state for the records that the PDPNYF has rendered a wide range of services to the PDP pro-bono as a show of faith in the ideals of the party but where assignments are necessary which cannot be executed for free, we have (as is norm elsewhere) always requested support from the PDP as a party and prominent Nigerians including His Excellency, former president Goodluck Jonathan. This is a universal standard as even youth groups that supported the candidacy of President Barack Obama during his outings indulged in same. We however demand that ‘Deji Adeyanju discloses his other sources of income besides tweeting for politicians for a fee and engaging in online activism. The ‘Deji Adeyanju of Twitter will gladly tweet against his biological parents if the price is right!

Our position on the matters affecting the PDP is a patriotic one because we are aware that in high wire politics, perception is everything. We cannot therefore be faulted! This is so because we neither encouraged a crackdown on top PDP members (some of whom are our mentors), neither did we pronounce our outgoing National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh guilty of charges of fiscal malfeasance proffered against him by an obviously biased EFCC. As a matter of fact, we are convinced that in view of the tedious nature of the task of being publicity secretary of Africa’s largest opposition party, it is in the best interest of Chief Olisa Metuh to have his day in court without any distraction and as so doing expose the political witch hunt which the war against corruption is becoming. In the twilight of the administration of His Excellency, Late Umar Musa Yar’Adua, then information minister, Late Dora Akunyili towed the same line and Nigeria stabilized. We only followed precedence as we are convinced that Chief Olisa Metuh is innocent till proven guilty. We condemn his continued incarceration without charge.

Our position on how PDP members, perceived as corrupt should be handled is in tandem with the position of the body of Vice Chairmen of the PDP ably led by Hon. Dr. Cairo Ojougboh a close ally of our Hero of Democracy, His Excellency Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Is ‘Deji Adeyanju more PDP than Dr. Cairo Ojougboh whom he has indirectly called a nonentity for disassociating the PDP from perceived acts of corruption? Is ‘Deji Adeyanju more patriotic than Chief (Dr.) Olufemi Olukayode whom he has cleverly spited for being at the forefront of the battle for the prevailing of due process in the party? Is ‘Deji Adeyanju more loyal to the PDP cause than His Excellency, Peter Ayo Fayose who spearheaded calls for the exit of Mallam Adamu Mu’azu as National Chairman on account of misconduct?

A known legal maxim emphasizes that “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands.” It further adds that “He who seeks equity must do equity.” ‘Deji Adeyanju being a product of an arrangement strange to the constitution of the PDP lacks the locus standi to discuss matters that touch on constitutionality. He wears the rank of an exaggerated fugitive and shares the same legal liability as such people who have an allergy for obeying laws but are quick to seek remedy from the courts when their positions are injured. His continued trade as New Media Director is alien to the constitution of the PDP. It makes mockery of everything our great party stands for and provides leeway for our political rivals to gloat over our internal procedures. We therefore caution him to be of good public conduct and not stray like a milky puppy bereft of parental guidance to avoid severe legal proceedings.

Our loyalty is firmly to the ideals of the founding fathers of the PDP most of whom have been forced by events to relate to the current PDP with contempt and with a long wooden spoon. We will therefore not dignify ‘Deji Adeyanju with a reply should he survive a soul searching mission we are by this medium advising him to embark on.

Persons like ‘Deji Adeyanju notorious for his sticky fingers and large capacity to pilfer funds lends credence to the assumption that the PDP may have become where anything happens. We are conscious of this unfounded allegation on us as a party on the basis of perception hence we consider the entrusting into the custody of ‘Deji Adeyanju any role of prominence an error in its own class. This is classic instance of such activities which His Excellency, Dr. Donald Duke referred to as an insult on the sensibilities of Nigerians.

We restate our commitment to the building of a bigger and better PDP and look forward to the coming national convention where the existence and future of our great party will be decided ultimately.

We are expectant that the said convention will throw up a new set of leaders in the rank of His Excellency Kenechukwu Nnamani, His Excellency Sule Lamido, Dr. Frank Nweke Jnr., Alhaji Ahmed Gulak, Sen. Musiliu Obanikoro and a host of other global players whom we are convinced will chart a new course for party faithfuls and steer the ship of our great party to even more greatness guided by probity, transparency, selflessness, honesty, equity, fairness and justice.



Alhaji Aliyu Bamali 

Communication & Strategy Team

People’s Democratic Party National Youth Frontier





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