Open Letter to Nigeria Political Leaders – By Olaogun Michael Sunkanmi

Dear Political Leaders,

I write to you as a nation builder, patriotic Nigerian, and as one concerned about the progress of all irrespective of religion, ethnic and political affiliation.

Our country’s situation has its root cause in the repeated failure bequeathed on us and possibly the coming generation by successive administrations.

Leaders’ lifestyle in any society has a direct implication on citizens, whether positively or negatively, and such a lifestyle has brought us on our knees in a sorrowful state. Shall we learn from it?

Undoubtedly, greed and self-centeredness are some of the bad cultures that characterise man’s nature from the beginning. However, it seems that of Africa’s political office holders got raised to the power of a hundred, which also has been taken as the norm by the younger generation.

The cultures mentioned above have sent the lives of many to darkness and glowing stars to oblivion. Where have these cultures led us as a people?

Having studied the lives of leaders(past and present) in other climes, most especially in the western society, have realized that they have in them the culture of self-discipline in terms of what they need but with much priority on the needs of the citizens. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case in this part of the world.
As a concerned patriot, it is important to state that it is in placing citizens’ welfare above yours that you can peacefully enjoy whatever you may have legally acquired.

Equally, the citizens you have sabotaged their destines by siphoning their commonwealth will someday rise against you and also your children.

Let it be known that there is no safe haven anywhere in this digital age. Why not just do good and enjoy perpetual peace in and out of office?

Irrespective of who we are, let contentment be a way of life we must daily embrace so that few will not be a threat to many and vice versa.

May God heal our land. Amen!

Olaogun Michael Sunkanmi
Author of If Africa Will Ever Rise and Co-Founder, Pan Africa Youth Centre for Economic and Political Leadership


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