OP-UNEDITED | Taraba State: Governor Darius and the Travails of Leadership – By A. A. Mshelia

It is in my nature to write articles that differentiates facts from fictions, in an effort to correct roguish authors and protect the people, which I feel is the sole role of every right thinking citizen. Its never in my nature to debate or exchange words with such on-the-dole writers roaring around seeking who they can devour and begging for a plate of stew on their tables by the highest bidders, at the expense of their conscience and the sanity of their pens.

I wrote an article Gov. Darius: Finishing The Year Stronger Against All Odds, and hell got loosed. My message was clear and the target audience was defined. My attention has been called by folks both within and outside Nigeria, when certain people started attacking me and the Rescue Captain, and from all the conversations, both from the known and the unknown, it became very clear that certain people will leave no stone unturned until Taraba is pull down to its knee. The painful part though is, sons of the soil have made themselves available for a plate of stew to destroy their state by themselves. Looking at the puzzle, Governor Darius Ishaku happen to just be the bone in their neck that wont allow them break the state and systems he is working hard to rescue and restore. Thus, he must take certain heat and punches for the lads.

I came across this reflection Governor Darius Ishaku posted on his page this morning and necessity was laid on me to write and respond to few things and appeal to the conscience of the good people of Taraba, looking at the sincerity of the man despite all the attacks on his person. He has proved, and its true, his focus is his people! It reads:
“It is my strong resolve that, if Governance feels easy and good for a leader, it then means he has not understood the burden of service.

We knew the journey will be tough looking at the decades wasted before us; we knew the sacrifices we will make daily to Rescue Taraba “might” be attacked and debated upon, because we are out to break the status quo. But, we also knew against all odds, we must be tougher than these forces and be determined to rescue our people and land at all cost.

I remain committed to my people and the Rescue Mission, and together we can, together is easier! Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku.

I have seen all kinds of attacks from the locals, state and even international figures, especially when I saw an Ambassador ranting a couple of mundane fables, to whether Governor Darius was elected by the people or not? among others. The truth is, if the beating DDI gave the opposition in 2015, and 2019, which along the line brushes even the central government didnt humble them, then we can say Allah ya kaddara for them to be utterly destroyed by their own calamities and pigheadedness.

I wrote an article, January 30, 2020, Southern Taraba: Strive Like Flowers of the Same Divine Garden to Live Together in Harmony, At this point I refer not only the Southern Tarabans to that aricle but the entire state to read and be informed.

Two of the most laughable texts I have seen among many was the writings of Mr. Jibrin who is struggling hard to impose himself on the public as Public Affair Analysts without knowing what it takes to occupy such position and the decency that earns folks that honorable path. I also saw a wretched post on another portal from Taraba. I make bold to say, for the handlers of that portal which I cannot even remember the name, I want to personally offer them a scholarship so they can return to school and build themselves first. Such bunkum I saw; I am not sure if they can teach my son that is a year older a home lesson. How can a budget that received the ascent of the governor and was signed into law, have a problem of implementation because the Governor is on a Christmas holiday? These guys are hopeless indeed.

For Mr Jibrin who after I was called upon I decided to check him out and discovered he is a brother I know very well. Thus, I will say Jibrin is free to explore his luck, as he rightly said lately: “Oppose anything and anyone that limits your ability to think freely”. This statement summarized the state of the man a free thinker indeed.

The paragraph I spoke about Federal roads in Taraba State in my previous article, the paragraph started with the phrase “Most of the roads”. But, one won’t be surprised if Jibrin have no patience to understand context. What does one expect of someone that’s “possibly equipped to run”, will he use his wits?

I advise my brother to note, there are better ways to seek relevance to becoming whatever he’s trying to metamorphose into as a public affairs analyst. Such depth of responsibility is not gotten by siting in your cubicle, it comes with great responsibility; standing for the truth in the interest of the said public, not a struggle for personal interest.

Every professional writer is conversant with the patterns of writings and the rules of engagement, which one of it is to know the audience you want to reach out to with your text. Reading through the article by Jibrin I was laughing to a knee fall in the aircraft for his use of words. Yes, we know of poetic license in journalism, but I cant remember that permitting a writer to abuse the use of words. I advise Jibrin to invest more in studying and research for now and stop right clicking his mouse on words, using MS Word to get synonyms to words so he can sound big. He should study words and know what they mean in context.

With the babbling by Jibrin, he was just running in circles; gasping forth and back without a single point to his rants. I hope he doesn’t become what he’s wrongly trying to correct and fight. I hope he doesn’t become the opposite reflection of one of his article: “Taraba: we come to hate, hatred persist”.

Jibrin is someone I know very well and I am certain he knows too much and so much about the facts and reality in Taraba State over the decades, and most importantly the impacts of Governor Darius Ishaku’s led administration. But, building such resolve over the years to boldly sell his conscience against all facts is something that gets me thinking all through. If defending the truth in the interest of Taraba State and the Rescue Captain Arc. Darius Ishaku is what made him called me with the name the Wizard of Oz and all the public insults, let him imagine me taking a bow and accepting it all gladly.

One thing is certain, and that is: Taraba shall be rescued under Governor Darius Ishaku. This is not just a positive confession, BUT A REALITY CHECK.

My fellow Tarabans, I want to remind us all of these facts: Every nation or state that has reached its peak for massive developmental strides (delivery), is more likely to face the challenges/pangs like that of a pregnant woman in a labour ward. Every political leader of worth in the world, according to history has once, if not many times, at a point faced challenges of all kinds as we see happen with the Rescue Captain. The challenges leaders face around the world are more similar than different. This goes to show that no matter where you are in the world, every nation or state has an inherent political challenges, either the once that affect the state or their leaders directly. The encouraging part though is when the citizens are courageous enough to stand up for their state and leaders through these trying epochs.

The experience we have had in Taraba State of late and the massive attacks on our Governor, Arc Darius Ishaku is nothing far from the fact that, before the delivery of life or anything of significance, there must be a stage of throbbing and travails. The reactions on the leadership of DDI these few months were such that it can be liken to the outbreak of the present contagion that is eating our world Covid-19. The attacks were copious, the accusations were colossal from the people that refused to see the truths and impacts made by the Governor.

It has been proven lately, that, exceptional leaders in the class of Governor Darius, has the will power to overcome leadership challenges, and through that create value for their people by focusing on the unique contributions they can make in state building. Governor Darius has proven beyond doubt, that he had the understanding of those unique values to him, and delegating everything else (or as close to everything else as he can), which has allowed him maximized the value he created in the state. Such is the testimony and lessons weve learnt from Darius style of leadership.

As a result, it cant be over emphasized that Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku has been on a mission from inception to change the socio-economic environment of Taraba State into one of the fastest, mostly developed states in the federation and he has achieved that to a large extend. The seriousness and total commitment with which he approached the governance of Taraba State has reached its high point. He has transformed Taraba State within his first tenure into that level of social awareness that is too improbable, astonishing and extraordinary to be believed, and he has not relaxed on that mission. Going by the waves of revolutionary policy initiatives and project implementation under his leadership as the Governor of Taraba State, the focus on the minds of people should be on Darius brilliance, ingenuity and versatility in the way he conducts government dealings.
Like he once stated on his official Facebook page on one of his reflections:
“To me political powers acquire meaning and usefulness only in the context of institutional framework of the economy and provision of the basic needs of my people, i.e. Infrastructural Development; Skill Acquisition Programmes bordering on Job and Wealth Creation; Water and Power Generation, Industrialization; Health and Information Technological Knowledge etc.”

Tarabans must, in response, never let an internal or external force break the bridged we have rebuilt with our Governor since 2015 to date. The Governor has shown high level of maturity and has proved to us that he is indeed a father of modern democracy in Taraba State. The normal expectations as we see in other state is, everyone was expecting the governor to rain curses on his haters. The biggest challenge in leadership is to listen to everyones opinions of all sorts and come to a mutually beneficial standpoint. Not every leader has the quality of being fair towards people, especially those that triggered him pain on purpose, but Governor Darius has chosen to go with what is right. From his show of statesmanship, through his speech on arrival, we have learnt that leadership isn’t just about the hard stuff, but it is a big part of shouldering responsibilities against all odds; the fact that one has accepted a leadership role is a change all to itself, knowing every day is filled with possibilities for change.

I came across a portion of a text by a youngster, Suleiman Usman Nyaja, who is said to be eighteen years old. Next time anyone tries to lure you into hating the leader we voted for, as our Executive Governor in Taraba State, just get a printout of this questions and answers by young Nyaja, you can add to the list and watch them answer them.

(Copied and Unedited)
Gather all the haters of Darius Dickson Ishaku in one place and ask them the following questions..
By Suleiman Usman Nyaja.
Is Darius Dickson Ishaku not a progressive leader? They will tell you he is.
Is Darius Dickson Ishaku not a man of his words? They will tell you he is.
Is Darius Dickson Ishaku not a developmental Guru? They will tell you he is.
Is Darius Dickson Ishaku not having the Nigeria and the North at heart?
They will tell you he is having the Nigeria and the North at heart.
They might even cite examples for you on the role he played around north East Region of the country.
If you ask them, Which Governor made the largest contribution to Education in Taraba?
Their answer is Darius Dickson Ishaku.
Who used his power to touched and changed the lives of the masses directly?
The answer is Darius Dickson Ishaku.
If you ask them, who completed Nursing and Midwifery building Jalingo?
Their answer is Darius Dickson Ishaku.
Who electrified rural areas?
Their answer is Darius Dickson Ishaku.
Is there any Governor that his administration prioritized Basic Education by Building new class rooms, office, sending teachers to bag NCE, Feed the pupils?
A policy which the federal government is emulating some.
Their answer is no, only Darius Dickson Ishaku made that history.
If you ask them who resuscitated Kakara Highland Tea In Gembu from coma that was thrown by the past administration.
Their answer is Darius Dickson Ishaku



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