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Panama Leaks: Thousands Call for Resignation of David Cameron

Whitehall, London, UK. 9th April, 2016. Hundreds of protesters gather outside Downing Street in London to demonstrate against British Prime Minister David Cameron's involvement in oversees tax havens brought to the public's attention by the release of the recent Panama Papers scandal. Pictured: // Lee Thomas, Flat 47a Park East Building, Bow Quarter, London, E3 2UT. Tel. 07784142973. Email: (0000635435)

Thousands of people have descend upon Downing Street today to protest against David Cameron, after he admitted his part in the Panama Papers scandal.

Following the revelations about his tax affairs in the Panama papers, demonstrators are asking Mr Cameron to either “close tax loopholes or resign”. The protests are being organised around the hashtags “Resign Cameron” and “Close tax loopholes”, and have gained support from high-profile figures including Edward Snowden and Lily Allen.

Protestors arrived at Downing Street wearing “offshore-themed” outfits including Panama hats and carrying props such as a huge pig-shaped piñata.

Events began at Whitehall at 11am on Saturday — and may last for hours or even days after that, according to protestors.

The protestors are explicitly drawing inspiration from the demonstrations in Iceland, which saw a huge proportion of the country’s population march on its parliament. Soon after, the country’s Prime Minister quit.

Two of the most popular Facebook events for the protest each have thousands of people who have registered as going, with many more indicating that they are “interested”. Together, over 20,000 people have indicated that they could go to the protests.

One of those Facebook events promises that the protest will “end when he resigns”. It lists itself as lasting until 21 April.

“Does the Prime Minister think we’re stupid?” protest organiser Abi Wilkinson wrote on one of the Facebook event pages for the gathering.

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