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Tasks to Be Completed During Branding – By Ifemidayo Odekunle [@IFM4Real]

  1. Implementing Brand positioning, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned with the brand in terms of corporate identity, messaging and imaging.
  2. Creating structured digital platforms to align with the brand.
  3. Optimizing brand experience online to maintain unique users and establish brand value proposition.
  4. Building brand awareness and loyalty.

Competitive Analysis

A thorough competitive analysis will help us better understand the competitive landscape, allowing us to clarify our strengths, as well as the challenges we’ll need to overcome to beat our competition in the marketplace.

It’ll give us an objective view of where we stand in the marketplace, and where we can win with our customer acquisition activities.

Tasks to complete

  • Research Competition
  • Evaluate competition and complete SWOT analysis

Identify the theme for our brand- Semi Luxury, Classic

Brand Type- Luxury Leather Goods, Handstitched Bags

Brand Architecture

Brands that tap into our emotions are far more powerful than brands that don’t. By determining which benefits of our product are most important to our market, and which benefits are emotional, we’ll have a strong understanding of what our brand should mean to our market.

Tasks to complete

  • Explore Brand Emotional Benefits
  • Select Brand pillars

What is the Brand Personality Trait?

Brand Experience

Our brand experience is the essence of what we represent – it’s the embodiment of our positioning, and the experience we wish to deliver at each interaction with the market.

Adding human personality traits to the brand will help us develop the experience we want to deliver. They’ll serve as a check and balance mechanism for our campaign creatives and messaging, to create a memorable experience.

Tasks to complete

  • Select brand personality trait
  • Determine Brand Promise

Brand Story and positioning Statements

Our brand positioning statement is a 25- to 35-word statement that captures the essence of our brand – who we are, what we do, for whom, along with a key differentiator or our brand promise.

Our brand story is a longer narrative that gives us a chance to connect with our market –to introduce our personality, convey what we stand for, and show why we care. Stories have been used to communicate for thousands of years; a good brand story can solidify our positioning and support our brand experience.

Tasks to complete

  • Create a Brand positioning statement
  • Write Brand story

Develop Visual Brand Requirement

Ifemidayo Odekunle is an IBX Orange Academy graduate. He calls himself the Brand Engineer because he designs and creates brand processes and ideas for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. He writes and shares thoughts on Branding generally. Follow him on Twitter @IFM4real


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