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The 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class is ‘All About Technology’

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Luxury car manufacturer Mercedes Benz is working on its next entry into its E series of automobiles which it intends to release in 2017.

The 2017 Mercedes Benz E-class is reported to set the bar much higher for luxury cars and this coming year’s model will be better than the 2016 one. According to a report in Autoblog, what sets this model apart from the rest of them is the amount of new and updated technology it has on board.


The report listed down what new technological features the E-class will have on board. The first unique feature is the autonomous Park Pilot, which allows the owner to park the car via remote control. This feature is controlled by a smartphone app called “Mercedes connect me.” However, this will only be available in other countries and not in the U.S. because another app is being used by Mercedes in the U.S.

Another feature is the fact that an NFC smartphone can replace the car’s keys. Phones such as the iPhone 6, most of the Samsung Galaxies and some BlackBerry phones can be used in this regard. By tapping the phone on the car handle on the driver’s side, one can unlock the car. The car also has a cradle for the phone, which provides wireless charging as well. This feature however requires a secure SIM card.

The car’s headlights are a definite improvement, with each light having 84 light emitting diodes (LEDs). These lights are also equipped with a Multibeam adaptive light system, which adjusts the amount of light emitted according to the road situation.

There is also what Mercedes calls Vehicle-to-X communication which allows the car to communicate with a central server. While this is already an optional kit available in Europe, the new E-class will have it pre-installed. By using the existing cellular communications available in the car, information about road and traffic conditions can be exchanged with other cars who are nearby.

Through the Evasive Steering Assist feature, there will be extra steering input that will help the driver as he tries to avoid a pedestrian or any danger it detects in front of it. It also comes with it a collision prevention system that brings in the brakes when needed.

With the Speed Limit Pilot function, the car makes use of data from the camera or car navigation, which can then set the speed limit for the car. The speed limit can then vary or adjust depending on available data.



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