Re: Edo 2016: High Chief Tom Ikimi’s Growing Concern – By Segun ‘Sega Awosanya

By Segun ‘Sega Awosanya

My attention has been drawn to the drunken reaction of a certain Charles Idahosa, who is the officially paid amoral griot of the ailing Adams Oshiomhole administration in Edo State, to the credible statement made by the elder statesman High Chief Tom Ikimi during the flag off of the PDP Campaign for the forthcoming governorship election.

To start with there’s no personal frustration on the part of the elder statesman outside the outright neglect of the affairs of the state under the self aggrandizing administration working passionately to destroy Edo state beyond recognition.

On the doltish allusion of “belly aching” because HCTI was not made National Chairman of APC…The fact remains that the elder statesman honorably left Edo State after the 2012 election that brought Oshiomhole in for his second term. That was after as the proverbial Camel had seized the party and enthroned himself as the sole God Father.

High Chief Tom Ikimi took the high road, went to Abuja and embarked on the Party merger project which Oshiomhole never believed could work. He was surprised and amazed at the success of the merger project and the creation of APC. He proceeded on a string of serial betrayal of HCTI. For the National Chairmanship he never supported HCTI and not even Oyegun. He betrayed Edo State as he wanted to remain the only political figure in Edo. He has been boasting privately that he wants to be the Tinubu of Edo State.

High Chief Tom Ikimi’s Statement on his departure from the party gives details of the rationale for leaving APC. In order not to destabilize his State he deliberately did not mention the wicked roles played by Oshiomhole then.

If only the character (Charles Idahosa) was educated enough to understand the building process he would know the underlying facts that brought about the issues with the hospital in execution outside the aesthetics and functionality that the unique design delivered. This matter was thoroughly investigated and there are official reports to that effect. It is not a matter to gloss over by illiterates merely earning their keep.

For an erudite elder statesman to mention the discrepancies between the state of the art Accident and Emergency Wing of the Central Hospital that was designed/approved and the clinic that it is being converted to now and deceiving all and sundry that a new hospital has been built is indeed callous. The Structure on Sapele road, a part of the Central hospital Tom Ikimi Design Company graciously provided Architectural Consultancy Services to, in the design of the project, of which the brief was provided by the then Health Commissioner Dr Moses Momoh; to design an Accident and Emergency wing as part of the Central hospital. This wing would be the first phase of an envisaged systematic renewal of the Central hospital. The firm provided a beautiful/functional design but the Construction was hijacked by Oshiomhole’s Quantity Surveyor who not only provided the estimate but selected the contractor, single handedly raised certificates for payment, unilaterally supervised the construction including structural work.

I understand this Quantity Surveyor has been the sole Quantity Surveyor on virtually all projects during the past 8 years of Oshiomhole’s tenure has set tongues wagging. Alterations were made to the original design of the Accident and Emergency Wing without reference to the Architects (Tom Ikimi Design Company). Services not pertaining to Accident and Emergency were being squeezed into the project. The final outcome is certainly not a new hospital but an Accident and Emergency wing of the Central hospital modified to include a breast cancer investigation Clinic. An investigation of the partial collapse of a portion of that structure was done and the report is self explanatory.

The statement of High Chief Tom Ikimi was clear enough for the deaf to hear, especially as regards the “politicography” of Adams Oshiomhole which is not behind him and Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu. I was a witness to his emergence from the moment a dark brief sweaty figure with teary eyes, staggered into our domain as chaperoned by Pastor Ize-Iyamu, seeking support and sponsorship into the Edo state political space. I for one knew it won’t end well. The entire relationship since then had been a rude rollercoaster ride of betrayals and denials.

For the sake of those who may not know, I will offer a brief history of the emergence of these irredentists into Edo politics. Charles Idahosa was first appointed by High Chief Tom Ikimi to the first publicity Committee of the Action Congress in 2007 when the party was in the process of being formed. He worked under the Chairmanship of Alhaji Lai Mohammed. HCTI brought the party AC (Action Congress) to Edo State and in establishing it in the State, he linked up with Pastor Ize Iyamu’s group (Grace Group). Grace Group was a State break away faction from PDP then. They left the PDP in 2007 following the de-registration of their members who wanted more liberal treatment in the PDP then.

When AC was established in Edo State, just before the 2007 Election, Adams Oshiomhole was not a member. Ken Imasuagbon was one of at least four active aspirants seeking the Party nomination then. All meetings were convened at High Chief Tom Ikimi’s residence or eventually at the Party’s new office on airport road donated by Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu. That premises is still APC office today.

Oshiomhole arrived in Benin as a member of The Labour Party and when he attempted to hold a rally near the Oba market the event was an abysmal failure. It was Pastor Ize-Iyamu and a number of AC foundation members who brought Oshiomhole to HCTI and persuaded the elder statesman to adopt him as Action Congress’ Candidate. Charles Idahosa in his characteristic manner to generate confusion at the same time, announced his interest to contest the Governorship under the AC platform. He lost the Primaries woefully which was not surprising as he did not have the Leaders support. As he was kicking and fretting HCTI invited him and offered him the position of Deputy Governor to Comrade Oshiomhole. Charles Idahosa rejected the generous offer stating that he could not be Deputy Governor to that Monkey- Oshiomhole. Surprisingly he is now political adviser to the “Monkey” who is stuffing him with Bananas.

Hon Osaze Oyema Jesuorobo once reacted to one of Charles’ ludicrous statements along the same theme in October 2014 in ThisDay Newspaper when he responded;

“I am amused that Hon Idahosa attempted to demonize High Chief Tom Ikimi for dumping APC for PDP. I wonder when it has become a crime to change political parties in present day Nigerian politics. This is the height of hypocrisy. Or else, what moral right has a man who has changed parties so many times himself, APP to PDP to AC to DPP to ACN and now APC, to castigate someone else for doing something that he has severally indulged in”.

High Chief Tom Ikimi admitted that in 2007, as leader of the AC he supported the Comrade Adams Oshiomhole for the Party’s Governorship candidate rather than Charles Idahosa or a number of others who wanted the party’s ticket at the time. He believes he was right to make that “imposition” to reject the candidature of Charles Idahosa, particularly on the basis of his rather weak qualification, (His WAEC result is riddled with a constellation of F9s), one who possesses just a certificate in journalism, not even a diploma.

Why does he now think it was right of him to dump AC in 2007 when he felt he was a victim of injustice during the party’s primaries and wrong for the Igueben High Chief to dump APC when he perceives injustice? Is it a case of what was right for Hon Idahosa in 2007 being wrong for Chief Ikimi in 2014?

I wish I could lounge in the garden of deceit and denial of the dishonorable Charles Idahosa and his co-travelers but purpose forbids me to bring myself to their level of sojourn and hunger games.

Segun ‘Sega Awosanya is Senior Special Adviser & Consultant to High Chief Tom Ikimi CON



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