How Nigerian Businesses Can Boost Revenue With Simple Social Media Tactics

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of decades, you’ve no doubt come to recognize the power of social media.

Everyone from grandmothers in nursing homes to elementary school kids is utilizing social media these days and everything it has to offer.

Social media is without a great way for people to keep in close contact with loved ones, especially during this time of crisis. Heck, some people and businesses have even been using social media as a way of life this past year.

Without social media, a lot of businesses would probably cease to exist. This is especially true in parts of the world like Nigeria.

Either way, the utilization of social media these days for business practices is necessary. It’s possible to soar your potential revenue earnings by just taking advantage of some of the simplest tactics. Here’s how today’s Nigerian businesses can nearly double their profits with the utilization of simple social media tactics.

Collaborate With Influencers

If you’ve not heard of influencer marketing, at the very basic level, it is a type of social media marketing that promotes brands, products, and services through endorsement and product mentions from what are known as influencers.

Influencers are individuals who have a dedicated huge social following and are highly regarded as experts within their defined fields. Think of it as doing a review or research before buying a product. You are polling the experts to find out what they think before investing money with a business or product. Well, those experts providing the advice would be your influencers.

Recent reports show that 49 percent of consumers rely on influencer’s recommendations. This is where Nigerian businesses can take advantage.

Influencer marking is booming in a variety of fields. The only thing you have to do is get in with the right individuals and get them to promote your brand. This might end up requiring some collaboration, but there are always compromises in business.

Easily Get Recognized

Speaking of influencers, how would you like to make yourself look like an authority figure in your chosen field? That’s exactly what any Nigerian business can do when they choose to take advantage of tools like the Tik Tok Reseller Panel. It doesn’t matter what type of social media platform you are using, the more followers, likes, tweets, or posts you have, the more attention you are going to garner. While it is no doubt hard to grow an organic following on social media these days, you can always buy them.

That’s exactly what the tool mentioned above will help you with. You can utilize such tools to buy enough followers until you start establishing yourself. Once you are established, you can then fall back on your organic following.

Posting Quality Content Consistently

There are no two ways to go about it, creating quality content is extremely hard. It’s even harder to keep it coming consistently. However, that’s what Nigerian businesses are going to have to do if they want to stay at the top of their games and maximize potential earnings. Luckily, Nigeria is a diverse place with a wide range of offerings and exciting locations. Nigerian businesses should take advantage of their natural surroundings and elements to create content that stands out.

Use your surroundings to connect with your targeted audience on an entirely different level. Keep them entertained, informed, and inspired and you’ll be turning a profit hand over fist before you know it.

Be Careful About Being Pushy

Nigerian has become known for a lot of things over the past couple of years. And, unfortunately, scams are one of them. This no doubt puts authentic businesses trying to turn a real profit in a hard spot, but you can still maximize your true earning potential. You just can’t be pushy about it. You have to go in with the general theory that nobody wants to be sold to. Instead, they want to buy it of their own volition. This is exactly where social media can help

When utilizing social media, users want to be entertained, inspired, and educated. Give them just that and more than they ever hoped for. Just be careful about building it too much in a promotional way.


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