OP-UNEDITED | The Economist are The Real Ineffectual Buffoons for Endorsing Buhari – By Favour Afolabi

By Favour Afolabi

Okay, I woke up this morning to notice that “The Economist” is trending on Nigerian Twitter for calling Jonathan “an Ineffectual buffoon” – and 5 minutes later, I was writing this short piece – it should be noted thus:

1. In referring to Jonathan in that connotation of allowing his staffers to steal the nation dry, the paper was actually referring to Lai Mohammed’s famous story about “55 People stealing Trillions from Nigeria” – if the paper had “any local intelligence within the Nigerian market” it would have know that this person is actually called “Lie Mohammed” – a well celebrated LIAR and Propagandist in the same class of Hitler’s Goebbels!

2. I am therefore shocked that such a respected paper would use such “a suspect character witness” whose “own lead Boss – the Chairman at Bourdillon Plc” is the very epitome of “High class and celebrated Corruption in Nigeria” – apparently, some of us “Africans” respect these Oyinbo People too much that we don’t bother questioning their vouched level of intelligence and intellectualism – that’s the same way John Kerry quoted this same source at the WEF last week as well – the next thing, even Obama would be quoting him as well!

3. It should also be recalled that this is the same way @theeconomist quoted folks like Sanusi, Soludo, Ezekwesili, etc regarding all manner of ridiculous numbers they kept spewing in 2014-2015 – all in an organized bid to bury the administration of Jonathan; seriously – one should be expecting much more this paper than this – don’t they do any local investigations about this market before going to Press?

4. The paper also went to say “Buhari was currently making all the mistakes he made in 1983” – but The Economist didn’t remind the world that “indeed, it ENDORSED Buhari for the 2015 elections versus Jonathan – publicly on their papers!”

5. At this point, the paper must now admit – publicly as well that – they are actually “the real ineffectual buffoons” for approving of a man for President whose continual progression in private and public life never betrayed the same failed personality he portrayed when he was President 30 years – who never presented to the nation an economic blueprint he would use to salvage the nation – refused to attend a public debate with the Incumbent to prove what he would do better – and basically rode to Power on the back of an Opposition that used negative propaganda, blackmail and looting of state resources to achieve their aims!

6. The paper goes on to focus on the Nigerian economy – under the same Buhari – exposing the same direction-less policies that some of us have written about copiously in Nigeria – thereby granting them an automatic license to also join the team of ‪#‎WailingWailers‬ – an elite group of those that remain bitter for losing the elections to “the Buhari that the paper endorsed!”

Well, The Economist are also famous for NEVER publishing REJOINDERS done to their articles – I have sent them several ones in the past – and I won’t bother doing so again – perhaps, this time, it would be turn of one of the Buharists to do so to try and launder the image of their hero in response to the “Crude Tactics” the paper says the man is deploying in running the Nigerian nation – to which I wish them “good luck” in that regard!

I therefore conclude that I’ll rather not bother myself with the paper’s qualification of Goodluck Jonathan; History will continually place the man in an elite class of some rare good-hearted public administrators that Africa has even seen – and many other competing intellectual platforms to The Economist are currently celebrating the man for that – those who are not “Ineffectual Buffoons” like @TheEconomist are!


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