OP-UNEDITED | Gov Darius: Finishing The Year Stronger Against All Odds – By A. A. Mshelia

For a while I have read so much attacks that keeps greeting the Governor Darius Ishakus’s administration. While I reflect on each of them I got a link to why and what these articles are aiming at.

Every analytical reader, would read and laugh, because what most people expected for Governor Darius Ishaku is a gratitude march for 2020 for the many things put in place in the State. But, clearly the political climate in Taraba State seems to always be different from other states. The masses that knows the facts and impacts they feel from the government are overwhelmed by the few enemies of state that have stored up wealth to invent evil against the State and ensuring their weapons are these innocent citizens.

It is a strategy, that, if they can turn the love the people have for the Governor, they will in turn count it as the most outstanding achievements of their political careers ever.

They have been working really hard, but it seems is ain’t working as they expected. It’s clear these people, against all odds, have made some resolutions to stand with the truth and their Governor over the years.

All the articles in real sense have nothing to do with the person of Governor Darius Ishaku directly, but, it has everything to do with getting at the people to pull down their own state with their own hands and future correctness, especially for 2023.

Having seen all kinds of articles flying around the country and the contents of such sponsored jamborees, it became obviously clear that, certain group of persons won’t close their eyes to rest until the state, citizens and the person of Governor Darius is soiled.

The essence of all these trash is geared towards 2023 (if we all understand this formula, we will all open our windows and laugh at these groups). Looking at the people that are sponsoring and spreading these trash, one will think, they are political gladiators, hence, they should have known the rules of the game and the idle way of politicking, but it’s true they say wonders shall never end.

So much have been written about Governor Darius Ishaku within seven days, and all the patterns of writings for any sensible reader will know they are intertwined, coming from the same circle.

Brushing a few was the article that “Governor Darius wished Tarabans Merry Christmas from abroad”. This statement is completely laughable, but in other not to waste precious ink responding to some crumbs seeking journalist who choose their belly above the sanctity of their own pen, I will like them to publicly come out to update the public with dates and any possible prove for the few questions I will ask them and their pay masters.

Starting 2015 to date, which is 5 years that Governor Darius Ishaku have been leading the state, how many times has he taken his official leave to rest in five years? If they said once, it means they are bold enough and taking the right path to sanctify their pens…

If their quest is to manipulate the text by linking the Governor to having to attend to his health earlier this year, I beg to ask, how does becoming a Governor exempt Arch Darius Dickson Ishaku from being human as everyone of us is; having the rights to attend to our health?

On other hand, it’s Pivotal we note, just because Governor Darius Ishaku was voted Taraba State Governor does not equal to putting off his family, friends and personal life that he has built for over 6 decades for a leadership that ends in 8years. He have every right to have a time out with his family and children and possibly friends, and it is his choice to choose where; either in or out of Nigeria.

Laughably, by my investigation all the people writing those disgusting articles were writing them in their villages or places they travelled to enjoy Christmas with their families as they can’t afford paying for an accommodation to suit their families in Abuja or travel out. But for Governor Darius Ishaku, even for Christmas, they want him to call all his family members to have Christmas celebration in his office at the Government House.

Only those that seeks facts will know and appreciate the extent of sacrifice to which Governor Darius Ishaku is governing the State. If only there’s a way to make it seen to everyone on the screens of their phones there will be an appreciation rally every end of year for the Rescue Captain.

The system of Government we have in Nigeria is such that everything is done and run from the central, Abuja, thus, if a State must benefits from the proceeds that comes from the central, the Governor must consistently visit Abuja to lobby for their state so they can bring home developments. Governors from other states travel more often than Governor Darius Ishaku to Abuja and other places of personal interest, but I have observed if Governor Darius Ishaku stepped out of Jalingo to Abuja, even if it’s for a NEC meeting, the social media will go wild to why he left the State. And if he choose to seat back, the same set of people will complain to why he won’t go out and hunt for their developments.

Over the years Governor Darius Ishaku has become all things to all Tarabans, and if he truly wants to Rescue Taraba State as he has been passionate and determined to, HE MUST CONTINUE TO DO THE RIGHT THINGS THAT LEADERSHIP DEMAND TO RESCUE THE STATE, NOT WHAT THE ENEMIES OF STATE ARE INFUSING IN HIS PEOPLE DO SAY OR DO, IN AN EFFORT TO DISTRACT HIM. If you want to be a leader that pleases everyone, that will only be possible when one sells ice cream. The people of Taraba have been at the core of his heart, and since these oppositions knew, the only way to get to his him is polluting the minds of the people.

Much news and articles have manipulated the realities on Developments in the State; from Salaries, Pension and gratuity, health matters among many….

My advice on these is that, any well meaning Tarabans should take a tour around the state and if they need assistance to be showed round the state to see for themselves, I will personally assist.

For a quick results one can google to know the impacts or start by asking:
1. How was the state of infrastructure in Taraba State before the Advent of Governor Darius Ishaku, especially in regards to road networks and the many first-in-Nigeria world class projects? One of such was the 5million liters water system commissioned, that will also serves other awesome areas, bringing about massive employment and revenue to the State.

Most of the federal government roads, aside many within the State that the governor spent billions of Naira to construct for the benefit and security of his people, yet without a single kobo re-funded, and we all know why the FGN didn’t care to.

Salaries pension and gratuity have been consistent in Taraba State. Not only does Governor Darius Ishaku started paying from the time he assumed office, but as far back as 2010. The arrangement was arrived at and agreed by key stakeholders and it has been sustained by the governor against all odds. Though there are few hitches here and there but efforts have been from onset to sort all out. The process of verification is not a year thing, it will take more time because the government is dealing with a team of some assumed smart people that have manipulated the civil service over the decades, but in due time all will be sorted out. While other states were praising their governors despite the pain of delayed salaries, but fishing out ghost workers, Taraba State seems the direct opposite. For Christmas salaries, the first question one should ask is, are salaries paid or not? If the answer is YES! which it is, why not all? Why is it that the complain has been from a single set of people from a particular angel?

I believe few materials are underway and will be presented to the public in 2021 for easy references and prove of the realities that is going on in Taraba State. Ignorance they say is expensive to handle.

Doctors going on strike is okay, it is their expression of their personal displeasure. Though there are many channels to deal with such issues, but every part of Nigerian arms chooses to follow the path of strike. The only question I have looking at their demands is: does such demands equal the suspension of the oath they took in regards to human lives? Why now? Why is that immediately cases of covid-19 were said to be recorded in the NYSC camp, Jalingo, that certain demands came through? This shall be rescued too.

I saw a funny article from the Bwacha’s quarters, by one of his aide, but I won’t stress my fingers responding to that. To my fellow Tarabans, let’s trace the happenings carefully and we will know why the smoke is where it is today. The truth will always prevail. One can only take the people for a ride for just sometime… When the light of facts continue to shine, I just hope they can absorb the flames that will come from the people for manipulating them with lies…

We can fault Governor Darius Ishaku for other things, but not his sincere passion to serve and rescue Taraba State, not his love for his people which is core to him.

I advise every well meaning Taraban to visit the Governors official social media handles and follow the journey. He has been one of the most friendly Governor that interacts directly with his people, called them where he had to personally, receive direct reports and have spent millions attending to their needs down to a family level through that medium.

For space sake I will attach a couple of sites and links so that every Taraban can visit and see the achievements of Governor Darius Ishakus’s administration in pictures and videos uploaded over the years. Precept by precept, one can see the before-sight of Taraba and the after effects of Governor Darius Ishakus’s impacts. Visit: ,,

Watch out Tarabans, 2021 will be better than we have all imagined when the sparks of mighty projects will be commissioned around the entire state for use under this administration.

He was all this while cooking, and is almost done for the entire state to have an experience of a lifetime.


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