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Betara: That Uncommon Nigerian Patriot – By Toby Prince

In the bustling halls of Nigerian politics, where ambition often takes precedence over integrity, one name stands out like a lighthouse cutting through the fog: Honorable Muktar Aliyu Betara.

Currently, Hon. Betara is the Chairman, House Committee on the Federal Capital Territory. He previously served as the Chairman of committees on appropriations (2019-2023) and defense (2015-2019), playing crucial roles in budgetary matters and issues related to national defense.

His political journey spans several assemblies as he has been elected five times, serving in the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth assemblies in Nigeria. This is proof of his steadfast commitment to public service as he is not just a politician but a custodian of progress and an ideal leader.

Betara’s foray from grassroots activism to the hallowed halls of the National Assembly has been nothing short of remarkable. Not the run-of-the-mill politician, he defies stereotypes, going beyond party lines and regional biases. His commitment to the welfare of the masses is relentless, and his actions speak louder than any campaign slogan. As the Chairman of the House Committee on FCT, he has constantly drawn the attention of the minister to the welfare and security of residents and natives.

He is also a steward of the people and people-oriented. Representing the Biu/Bayo/Shani federal constituency of Borno State, Betara has become a beacon of hope for his constituents. His leadership is characterized by the fear of God, nationalistic spirit, vigorous advocacy, and indelible footprints.

Betara’s decisions are guided by a moral compass that places the welfare of the people above all else. In a nation where corruption often taints the political landscape, his integrity can be seen as a light. Betara believes in Nigeria’s potential. He champions policies that foster unity, development, and progress. His vision extends beyond mere politics but party affiliations, focusing on the greater good.

Whether it is sponsoring bills, scrutinizing budgets, or ratifying treaties, Betara approaches his responsibilities with vigor and has an understanding that legislators represent people, not abstract entities. His impact is etched in the sands of time; with roads built, scholarships awarded, and women empowered — all tangible results of his tireless efforts.

Rt Hon. Betara is seen as the people’s champion. He secured the APC return ticket unopposed for his federal constituency. Market women, artisans, and youth rallied behind him, recognizing his genuine commitment — his victory in the general elections was a testament to the trust he had earned.

Hon. Muktar Aliyu Betara, a true statesman, has left an indelible mark on Nigeria’s political landscape. Betara’s impact extends beyond legislative halls; he is believed to be responsible for the construction of 20 healthcare centers, 10 ambulances, a mini-stadium, and the installation of over 600 solar-powered street lights in his constituency. His dedication to public service, coupled with his accomplishments, positions him as a beacon of progress and positive change in Nigeria. His achievements resonate across the nation, and here are some notable ones in detail:

Infrastructure Development: Betara’s tenure has witnessed the construction of vital infrastructure in his constituency. Roads, bridges, and public facilities and these infrastructure projects play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Educational Empowerment: Recognizing that education is the bedrock of progress, Betara has facilitated scholarships for deserving and indigent students, enabling them to pursue their goals. He also advocates for improved educational facilities, ensuring that schools have the necessary resources for effective teaching and learning. His commitment to improving literacy levels is commendable.

Women’s Empowerment: Betara champions the cause of women. Through vocational training programs, micro-loans, and advocacy, he empowers women to be self-reliant and active contributors to society. For example, he initiated a vocational training program that teaches women tailoring, bead-making, and other income-generating skills. This not only empowers women economically but also strengthens the community.

Healthcare Initiatives: Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right and Betara has worked tirelessly to improve access to quality healthcare services by advocating for better-equipped health centers and clinics, upgrading health centers, providing medical supplies, and enhancing healthcare delivery in his constituency. His efforts have led to the establishment of mobile health clinics that reach remote areas, providing medical check-ups, vaccinations, and health education.

Youth Engagement: Betara understands that the youth hold the key to Nigeria’s future. He has organized skill acquisition programs, sports events, and mentorship sessions to nurture young talent. For instance, he initiated a Youth Empowerment Summit, providing mentorship, leadership training, and entrepreneurship opportunities to aspiring youth.

Community Development: Betara actively engages with community leaders, addressing local challenges and fostering unity. Betara collaborates with local leaders and residents to identify community needs. He has facilitated the construction of bridges, water supply systems, and marketplaces.
He secured funding for a rural electrification project, bringing electricity to previously underserved villages.

Advocacy for Security: In a region grappling with security threats, Betara has consistently advocated for measures to protect lives and property. He collaborated with law enforcement agencies to establish a community policing initiative. His collaboration with security agencies has yielded positive results.

Transparency and Accountability: Betara’s financial prudence and transparency set an example for other lawmakers. He ensures that public funds are utilized judiciously, pushing for transparent budget allocation by organizing public hearings and engaging citizens in the budgeting process.

Unity Across Party Lines: Betara transcends party affiliations to work for the common good, working collaboratively with colleagues from different political backgrounds. His bipartisan approach fosters progress.
During a recent debate on education funding, he joined forces with an opposition member to ensure adequate resources for schools.

*Prince writes from Abuja


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