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Enemi George’s Misguided Loyalty By Charles Ibekwe

It’s no stranger news that the political landscape of Rivers State has been abuzz with the intense power struggle between the loyalists of Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and former Governor, and the incumbent Governor Sim Fubara. In a recent development, Hon. Enemi Alabo George, a member of the Rivers State House of Assembly, has launched a scathing attack on Governor Fubara via his official Facebook account. George’s outburst stems from claims that the Governor intends to demolish the Rivers legislative residential quarters, and further ending his online rants with a disgustingly laughable action, by name-calling the Governor,” A small man”.

However, it’s essential to scrutinize the motivations behind George’s fiery rhetoric. First of all, a stranger to the politics of Rivers state would have definitely not heard of a name called Enemi, let alone Alabo. To such person, Enemi Alabo is a nobody in comparison to the personality of Governor Fubara. Giving him a doubt of an existence in River State political landscape, most persons like myself would regard him as a political watch-dog, and nothing more. Enemi George is just running a patched up political career which is on life-support at the moment.

It’s unfortunate that George’s loyalty to former Governor Wike has clouded his judgment, leading him to join the chorus of detractors hell-bent on destabilizing the Fubara administration. This conflict can be likened to a deficiency in the politics of identity, where personal interests and loyalty are prioritized over the greater good of the people.

It Is essential to understand the context in which Enemi Alabo George’s criticism of Governor Fubara arises. Setting the record straight, Enemi Alabo George’s track record is one that’s marred by serial election rigging, and his current woes are a direct result of his miscalculated defection to another party, which led to the loss of his seat. Enemi is a rabid dog on the loose, and It’s apparent that he’s playing a bitter political game against Governor Fubara, driven by his loyalty to Wike and a desire for revenge. His actions reek of desperation, as he attempts to tarnish the Governor’s reputation and create chaos in the political landscape just for a cheap score, a clear case of sour grapes. It is plausible to argue that his bitter attack on Governor Fubara stems from his personal frustrations and political setbacks.

Governor Fubara, however, has shown no room for intimidation and continues to prioritize the betterment of the state. He remains focused on his mission, and undeterred by the cacophony of detractors like Enemi George. Regardless of the number of detractors against him, his vision for a prosperous Rivers State is evident in his policies and initiatives aimed at improving infrastructure, healthcare, education, and the overall quality of life for the citizens. His commitment to good governance and inclusive leadership is a beacon of hope for the people of Rivers State, who have suffered under the yoke of political manipulation and oppression for far too long, and he refuses to be swayed by the intimidation tactics employed by George and his cohorts.

The reality people like Enemi fails to acknowledge is that, their relevance only exist in their handlers short memories. They become obsolete after the moment they’ve served their godfather’s profitable selfish visions, and missions. They keep hoping on a short-lived promise of a safe haven which mostly turns into a despicable reality of rejection, then they further become depressed, and resolve to begging for the littlest political relevance at the long run. They end up becoming useless to themselves, their family, their society, and their country.

It is very visible to the blind that George’s attack on Governor Fubara is a clear attempt to cause a distraction from his own political woes and shifting the focus away from his electoral malfeasance. His loyalty to Wike has clouded his judgment, leading him to prioritize personal interests over the greater good of the people of Rivers State.

Enemi George would do well to remember that his utterances against Governor Fubara come with consequences. As a public figure, he has a responsibility to uphold the dignity of his office and refrain from spreading hate and misinformation. His actions only serve to further polarize the political landscape, perpetuating the very divisions he claims to want to bridge.

It’s high time for George to reevaluate his priorities and recognize the greater good of the people of Rivers State. Governor Fubara’s administration is working tirelessly to address the pressing issues facing the state, from infrastructure development to education and healthcare reform. Instead of obstruction and criticism, George should make himself useful by working constructively with the governor to find solutions that benefit all Rivers State citizens.

The politics of identity must not be allowed to dictate the trajectory of Rivers State’s progress. Enemi George’s misguided loyalty to Wike must not be permitted to hijack the democratic process and undermine the will of the people. Governor Fubara’s commitment to good governance and inclusive leadership remains a beacon of hope that Rivers State needs, and we must all support him in this noble endeavor.

Instead of engaging in bitter politics, it is paramount for all stakeholders to work together towards a common goal – the progress and prosperity of Rivers State. Only through unity and constructive dialogue can the state overcome its challenges and thrive. Instead of being an educated illiterate who resonates with the bane of corruption, George should do well to reevaluate his priorities and recognize the greater good of the people, rather than perpetuating the divisive politics of a wrong political loyalists.

Let us reject the divisive politics of Enemi George and his ilk, and instead embrace a future built on unity, progress, and the collective well-being of all Rivers State citizens. The time for change is now, and we must seize it with both hands. We must all rise up to the right for good governance.

Ibekwe is a public affairs commentator writing from Port Harcourt.


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