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Popular Farm Fresh Yoghurt CEO Intimidating And Harassing Wife

Sheyin Shekarri CEO of the popular FarmFresh yoghurt company whose father and owner of Farmfresh is a retired airforce Air Vice Marshall, bullies and oppresses his wife for saying NO to domestic abuse and opting out of their eight year marriage which produced two four year old girls and and a seven year old boy.

It has been gathered that the 52 year old man who married and divorced his first wife of SEVEN years after having a daughter with her who is now a teenager, entered his second marriage of EIGHT years with this lady who is said to be overly structured with little tolerance for laziness.

It has been alleged that Sheyin used his influence and that of his father to obtain a restraining order from a court in Jos Plateau state where FarmFresh operates demanding a dissolution of their marriage and custody of the less than eight year old children. Mr Shekarri misled the Nigeria Police Force to freeze his wife’s company and personal bank accounts, monitor and track her movements, restrict her travel out of Nigeria, and severally tried to prevail on the police to declare her wanted in order to facilitate her arrest, all in a bid to dispossess her of their three children as he had promised her that she would never see them again if she left him.

The wife who is a british citizen and an orphan with siblings out of the country and alone in Nigeria, was able to muster resources from sympathetic friends to institute legal action against the FarmFresh CEO and consequently, the court in Jos ruled in her favour vacating the restraining order and granting her interim full custody of the children while another court in Lagos orderded the removal of the PND placed on all her accounts and the removal of her name from the no fly list by the immigration service. Reliable sources confirmed that although Access Bank has since unfrozen her accounts in compliance with the court order, FCMB has refused to comply to date.

The judicial separation case filed by the FarmFresh CEO against his wife and her human rights violation petition against him have been before the courts from November 2023 and are ongoing. The court granted him access to the children which he has bluntly refused to accept or enjoy as he continues his quest to dispossess his wife of their two little daughters and son who he has only seen a few times in several years due to his decision to live apart from them in Jos while they are in Abuja.

In his first marriage, he similarly attempted to dispossess his ex-wife of their FOUR year old daughter but failed probably due to the fact that his ex-wife was able to match his might as her family also had influence. In his usual pattern, he stopped funding his daughter’s schooling and upkeep.

In fact, according to the court documents and other sources, in 2022, he aggressively snatched away their 5 year old son from his wife as she dropped him off in school. He took him out of town and prevented her from seeing or talking to him until she went to beg his whole family to please return her son to her so he and his sisters could return to school. At that time in 2022, he had also fabricated an abduction story to the police and immigration against her, which turned out to be false as she only took the kids to a nearby relative’s house for a fun weekend. On several occasions, he has also bribed her domestic staff to keep an eye on her, and they, in turn, unknown to the couple, made a bad situation worse.

Sources close to the distressed marriage say that his second marriage, just like his first, had hit the rocks in less than two years. However, it appears as if his young second wife persevered and endured the domestic abuse until 2023, when she finally expressed her inability to continue in the marriage and Mr Shekarri in his usual fashion responded irrationally and vindictively.

It has been gathered that the FarmFresh CEO is so enraged about her ability to escape his grasp and save herself that he has even refused to provide any funding for their children’s school fees or upkeep, again in the hope that this will compel his wife to surrender their tender aged children to him and has insisted that his maid who he is fond of, is capable of tending to the children whilst he continues to tend to the numerous companies he runs.
Meanwhile, his 41 year old wife’s design firm was put on hold after the birth of their twins.

According to the court documents we have accessed, Sheyin’s wife. didn’t ask for anything from him other than school fees and upkeep for the children as well as amicable co-parenting. It has been rumoured that Sheyin’s family have seemingly sat on the sidelines and offered no support, nor have they condemned their son’s antics.

Her fate hangs in the balance as she waits on the Nigerian legal system to decide. It is hoped that Sheyin and his family will be honourable enough to refrain from oppressing and intimidating her as she tries to rebuild her life and be there for their children.

Another incident where he unlawfully used police officers to unlawfully enter her friend’s property in an attempt to accost her portrays him as highly volatile and unpredictable.

A source has revealed that his wife now lives in constant fear for her life and safety as she worries about him eliminating her from the picture by any means necessary especially as she has experienced threats from unknown phone numbers and persons after she moved out of his house with their children.

She now lives in a rented property with her children and is doing the best she can for them.


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