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Rivers people didn’t make mistakes voting Fubara; group replies Wike

A civil society group, New Rivers Agenda, has condemned the former governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, for the recent political impasse in the state. In a statement signed by its president, Johnson Zinaka, it stated that the emergence of Siminalayi Fubara as the governor of Rivers State was a blessing for the Rivers people.

“We all know what the crisis is about in the state. It is about the greed of an individual elected to play God in the affairs of the state. The former governor, Nyesom Wike, is bitter because Governor Siminalayi Fubara has the interest of the people at heart in the development of the state.”

“What the Rivers people experienced in the eight years of Nyesom Wike can be best described as years of intimidation, oppression, and harassment. Under Wike, it’s either his way or the highway. He was such a brutal man who cornered the resources of the state for himself and his cronies.”

The group further alleged that the former governor of Rivers state is ungrateful with how he has carried on since he left office.

“This is a man who became governor by God’s grace and the Rivers people’s benevolence. Today, this same man was quoted publicly, saying he regrets supporting Sim Fubara as governor. This is a clear case of ingratitude and selfishness because he wants to continue to control the state’s resources from Abuja.”

“We know he mortgaged the State’s future through his failed presidential ambition. The commonwealth of Rivers people went into his failed presidential project. But God has come to the rescue of Rivers people through Governor Sim Fubara, who is re-positioning the State for greatness.”

The statement added that Rivers people didn’t make a mistake in voting for Sim Fubara as governor, as his choice has seen rapid state development.

“Rivers people didn’t make a mistake in choosing Sim Fubara as governor. The governor is doing exploits, and the people are happy with his performance. He took the bull by the horns to free Rivers people from the Nyesom Wike bondage that has seen state resources end up in private pockets.”

“Wike may be angry with the governor, but the people are pleased with his stance and performance, which has brought freedom to the people. Under Governor Sim Fubara, Rivers State is working. The state’s resources are no longer in the hands of a few. Nyesom Wike should leave Governor Sim Fubara alone to concentrate on the tedious task of clearing the mess he created in the state while he was governor.”

In another twist, the group alleged that the former governor of Rivers State fears a probe into how he administered the State for eight years.

“Nyesom Wike is afraid of a probe, so he is fighting the governor. He knew how he ran the state down and siphoned resources of the state for eight years. He also left a heavy debt burden on the state. With all of these, he still has his eyes on the meagre resources that are left to service the huge debts he left behind. Such a man is extremely greedy, and he should not be taken seriously by Nigerians. He is not a saint; he ruled Rivers’ state like a personal estate with flagrant abuse of due process and overinflation of contracts.”

“Nyesom Wike has overreached himself in the political crisis in Rivers state. Despite the slander campaign he launched against Governor Sim Fubara, the truth is gradually coming out, and Nigerians will be shocked by the revelations.”

“Nyesom Wike can fool Nigerians but can’t fool Rivers’ people. The New Rivers Agenda stands resolutely with Governor Sim Fubara in the steps he has taken so far to redeem Rivers from the hands of Nyesom Wike.”

“The governor’s only agreement is with the people to provide good governance, transparency, and accountability in utilising state resources. Well-meaning sons and daughters of Rivers state are happy, but for Nyesom Wike, who is hell-bent on having access to the resources of the State for his interest.”

“Nyesom Wike can claim that he made a mistake in Sim Fubara’s choice. His mistake was for the benefit of the Rivers people who are happy about the liberation in the state.”

It should be noted that there has been a heated disagreement between Governor Sim Fubara and Nyesom Wike, the former governor of the state, over control of the political structure in the state. This culminated in moves by the state House of Assembly to impeach the governor and the attendant resistance put up by the governor.


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