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Buhari’s Unlawful Attempts to Oust me will Fail – Governor Fayose

Kayode Sesan

The Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Ayodele Fayose, has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of embarking on unlawful ways to oust him as governor of his state, despite enormous support of his people; a move he said was capable of setting Nigeria on the path of anarchy.

The vehement South-west state governor, who made the allegation yesterday during a chat with journalists at his Magodo Estate residence in Lagos, said the Buhari government is making moves to unseat him unconstitutionally.

According to Fayose, the Major General Adeniyi Oyebade’s Military Panel set up to look at the role of the military during the June 21 governorship election in Ekiti State was a covert arrangement aimed at ending his government.

“It is the All Progressives Congress (APC). The president himself! That military panel was selected for this hatchet job. The same military handled election in Ekiti and Osun States PDP won in Ekiti States but APC won in Osun, heavens did not fall. They have a target, but we are waiting for them. You can only start a thing, you cannot muscle or kill everybody. What happened in Bayelsa State, let us look at the role of the military in that state. It is all over the social media. Are we going back to 1984 under Buhari where he will be beating us when we go to buy essential materials; that will never happen in this country? They can’t cow us.

“You will recall that after I won the election, there was this effort to stop the swearing-in and that generated a lot of controversy, even before and after the elections. There was one story of photo-chronic military rigging and all that.

“What they are doing now is that they went to Kaduna, after all submissions, they now want to say the military rigged Ekiti election. They are releasing their report very soon and knowing well that military report holds no water in law, the Attorney-General would want that report reviewed and approach the Supreme Court to review their position, which is not known in law.

“Andy Uba, Ogboru and a number of other people did it and they were told it was not known to law. So, I want to remind them, that they are on the verge of destroying democracy in Nigeria. Call it fighting corruption, but they are on the verge of destroying democracy in Nigeria.

“There is no lion again in Nigeria. We own this country together. I am Ayo Fayose. I am from Ekiti, popularly known as Osokomole. I am telling him again, the consequence of dictatorship is the fall of the dictator. It is either he (Buhari) threads softly and remember the same Nigerians who gave him the opportunity after several attempts,” he stressed.

As regard the ongoing celebrated talk about the over $2 billion arms deal, Fayose said Buhari should extend his searchlight to the President Olusegun Obasanjo era to see how the NSA expended funds.

“I agree with them; we should all fight corruption, but I want to remind them that when the third term agenda came up, Obasanjo gave N50 million to each of Senators and the House of Representatives members, where did the money come from?

“Obasanjo sponsored Mrs. Helen Sleeve; I was his boy then and we were in Liberia together with the late President of Libya. We were followers of Obasanjo and we knew what he did financially. All I am saying is that the security votes under the National Security Adviser (NSA) is part of the prerogative of the president at a given time to stabilise the country. While I am not saying it must be misused, I am equally saying what goes around must come round and I am saying it very expressly that during the election in Ghana when Obsanjo was there, a lot of things went wrong.

“President Buhari must be bold enough to go beyond President Goodluck Jonathan and let us look at all the NSA’s in office in the last 16 years. He should go a little further, the Halliborton is there why is he shying away to go there. I am telling you corruption is even higher under Buhari than ever before. There are 16 things that will happen in the country in 2016. I am going to publish it,” he noted.

The governor predicted that in the year 2016, there would be so many things wrong with Nigeria: “There will be so much of disobedience to court orders, there will be removal of the oil subsidy within the first quarter of 2016, corruption under Buhari will be on the increase, poverty in this country under Buhari will be like never before; I want to equally establish that power generation under Buhari will be at its lowest ebb in 2016. Our earnings will be critical and worse. I can’t recall others as I speak but I will publish it later,” he said.

According to him, if President Buhari is really committed to the anti-corruption fight, he “should make public in the last 16 years, finance under the NSA. Life will almost be taken out of you if you know what has happened. Who is fooling who? When you look back, late Gen. Sani Abacha stole all the wealth of this country but none of his people have been jailed up till now.

“Let us look back Gen Ibrahim Babangida (rtd), was accused of oil wind fall but heaven did not fall till date. I am not promoting corruption but I need to tell them what is good for the goose is good for the gander. They would divide this country beyond measure the way they are going. The agitation for the division of this country is building up and we need to be careful and tread cautiously.”
He said he was unapologetic about his stance and that he was prepared for the consequences of his resolve to stand in opposition against the APC-led federal government.




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