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OP-UNEDITED | From Democracy to Junketocracy!

By Amanam Hillary Umo-Udofia

This arbitration has been incited, not so much by the stab of Garba Shehu in a steep flaunt of dissonance to defend his junket-styled master against the retorts of Nigerians over the state of the nation, an attempt that defies reason and leaves one scrupulously staggered. It would become perceptible that some Nigerians, myself along with them, had been over irked due to the enormity of a reaction from the presidential errand boy that is not only petty, but pedestrian and pitifully naïve and appears as outrageous as the late efforts of some to cover the undemocratic posture and malfeasances of the present administration. This exertion is even more injurious to the genuine desires and aspirations of the Nigerian.

For all the unapologetic supporters of this administration and other political stooges who may get infuriated by this piece, I envy you all. Let me however assert with all sense of humility that this piece has no adherent underpinnings but meant for readership by sane and well-meaning Nigerians and to alert the world about the monumental insensitivity and moral corruption that has enveloped this administration.

I am forced to ask – is Garba Shehu so hypnotized that his vituperation depict severe paucity of knowledge and creative epilepsy? Does APC realize that it has a mandate to rescue a sinking nation? Must we dance with the West to salvage our nation just to demonstrate internationalization? Or is the West ruling Nigeria by surrogate? Does the government know that time is ticking? Or could this be an attestation of a directionless government who promised Nigerians Heaven and earth?

It is the primary responsibility of an opposition party to criticize the actions of the ruling party but when it comes into power, they have no other responsibility than to govern. The political signpost of President Buhari in the last six infertile months is beleaguered by sequential incongruities, lack of philosophy and ideological epilepsy. We saw campaign messages garnished with lofty promises but all we see now is cadaver lingo, flip-hopping and too much chatter without feat. Nigerians correctly seek bucketing showers, not miniature drops of change promised during the campaign. We need that messianic and miraculous touch from our incorruptible scribe to turn our fortunes around; we need Boko Haram defeated; we want jobs and social security for the unemployed and so much more…we don’t need international missionary journeys!

What we’ve witnessed recently is the conveyance of one speech of makeover that does not reflect the realities of a present day Nigeria or at other times, avowal, baseless accusations and allegations that disparage the image of Nigeria by our number one citizen – the Sheriff. One had expected that with the many allegations of corruption against the past administration, all the thieves should have been prosecuted and jailed or freed as the case may be, making our experience so far a seeming deterioration into biased coyness, ethical conciliation and pattern of semblance.

Is there cause for us to celebrate today? Can we celebrate with the growing spate of mutual misgiving and doubt that has enveloped our beloved nation? Can we celebrate the selective and particularistic prosecution of corrupt individuals? Can we celebrate glaring insensitivity of this government to the plight of common Nigerians? Can we celebrate when innocent and defenseless Nigerians and our gallant troops who are abducted or killed in their scores on a daily basis? Can we celebrate when our youths are not gainfully employed? How about the economy and resurging fuel scarcity? How many jobs have been created? What has this government achieved in the last six months that has benefitted the lot of Nigerians? The questions can go on and on!

Perhaps, let us celebrate and wish many happy returns to thousands of our Junketocrats; those in power, who have predilection for foreign trips while the nation wallows in hardship and despair, those who are momentarily out and those jostling for 2019, their families, hangers-on and toadies, those whom our oil blocs were given to and industrialist who were given the chance and economic powers to hog the economy for these are the men and women whom the current administration has a sense. For the rest; the overwhelming bulk of Nigerians, a life of stateliness, pride and real independence is still a dream.

Let APC be reminded that the change mantra remains a fraud when the lives of the people are not touched proactively and productively. Nonetheless, because of the credence of prospects and expectations, the predisposition for the government to pay lip services that advancement is being made at hand against experiential hardship for Nigerians, a deteriorating economy and widespread abuse of government institutions. This is objectionable! In order to reduce the untidiness of this administration and tilt towards the path of sanity, we urge a commencement from what we do discern presently, what we have undergone in the last six months, changes and government programmes that Nigerians can substantiate, what can be importunate by proof and that a life of dignity be restored.

While we seek for a possible explanation for the inaptness and demeanor which has characterized nationwide headship, the youths whose conscience has been mortgaged with the civilization of money and the ham-fisted supporters that ought to declare themselves candidates for a harebrained haven, let me welcome Nigerians to Junketocracy; an internationalized government of junkets, a nation ruled from the outside and their supporters who truly need a rehab.

One thing is certain, that one day, the screech for liberty, justice and dignity shall prevail.

Amanam Hillary Umo-Udofia is an active citizen and can be reached on



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